Joe’s Crab Shack: End World Hunger And Autism

Eating out is an indulgence that few could afford in the past. However, with the economic crisis, more restaurants have started offering cheaper options to provide current and future customers with more reasons to patronize their establishments. This is why it is a pleasant surprise when we find out that those restaurants are still able to give back to the community.

Good Food With A Conscience

There is nothing quite as appealing than being able to enjoy a good meal knowing that you are helping someone out in the process. Thus, many restaurant chains have decided to join the charity bandwagon for more exposure and sales. However, there are those who have silently been helping out just to lend a hand, not for extra press time.

All About Autism

Autism affects 1 in 68 children and occurs more commonly in boys, with statistics showing that 1 in 42 boys has this condition. This is the fastest growing and most severe developmental disability worldwide. A child with autism will need about $60,000 a year for his or her upkeep. Tot his day, there seems to be no cure for the condition, nor is there a way to detect it. Please note that there are various medical establishments that can help you and your child cope with this condition. However, this does not treat him or her but helps the child function with this condition.

With all the money we pay in taxes, we would think that we had enough to fund proper research for this severe condition. However, that is not the case. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) Funds Allocation had a budget of $30.86 billion budget for 2012. Only $169 million went to autism research, which is just 0.55% of their available funds. It is hard to find a cure for such a serious condition, especially without enough funds coming through to support valuable research.

Joe’s Helps Out

Joe’s Crab Shack is a Houston-based restaurant chain that is a division of Ignite Restaurant Group. With over 135 units, they have been able to use their influence to help causes that are dear to their hearts. They have been partners with Share Our Strength for No Kid Hungry since 2008. Please note that their president, Jim Manzany chaired the said charity’s advisory board last year. Ever since their first Dine Out in 2008, this brand has raised a whopping $3.3 million for the said campaign. Just last September, they were able to raise $1.1 million.

That might seem like a large feat on its own, yet they managed to outdo themselves with an even more astounding undertaking.  However, they were able to raise an even larger amount just recently with their #JoeGoes Blue campaign. All throughout April, the customers of Joe’s Crab Shack were able to their parts as they were given the chance to donate $10 to Autism Speaks. This would give them a coupon for a free Classic Steampot on their next visit. They were also able to avail of a free Crab Dip appetizer with a small donation of $5.  They also sold “Peace of the Puzzle” shirts, which were fashionably tie-dyed. The proceeds went towards autism research, as this condition affects so many people and baffles even skilled physicians. They were able to raise $1.3 million in April for Autism Speaks, which is the world’s largest autism science and advocacy group. In the last three years, Joe’s Crab Shack has donated roughly $5 million to help various charities, with special focus on those that  involve the needs of children.

Dedication To A Cause

If you think they have mellowed recently, you should know that Joe’s Crab Shack remains true to their aim to end hunger. Help fund the meals of unfortunate children by making a small donation. The good news is that you get double your donation back. Therefore, it is a win-win situation, you help impoverished children and enjoy a hefty discount with your next meal. Only Joe’s Crab Shack can come up with an offer that is this generous.

Currently, Joe’s Crab Shack has printable vouchers available to help end child hunger in America. By donating $10, you get $20 off your next $40 or more meal. People who donate $5 will enjoy a discount of $10 of their next $20 or more purchase.

Helping out does not need to be expensive. We all have to worry about the economic crisis and out needs. This is why we should be thankful that restaurant chains like Joe’s Crab Shack offers us ways to make a difference without having to lose our life savings.

If you believe that children should enjoy a happy childhood, you can do something to make a difference. Malnourishment is a problem that can lead to severe medical consequences. Help Joe’s Crab Shack raise money to end child hunger and get a large discount in return, because no good deed goes unrewarded.

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