Iconic and Not-So- Iconic Restaurants in Los Angeles

There are many reasons why some restaurants have been called iconic. Los Angeles boasts of so many amazing restaurants that are classy, filled with great decor and a very nice ambiance. Here are some of the most iconic restaurants in the city of Angels:

  • A Frame (established 2001)

It’s relatively easy to find A-Frame just from the architecture alone. After 5 years, Chef Roy Choi has updated his restaurant with Hawaiian décor, and Chef Johnny Yoo has revamped the menu. The menu is now more on Hawaiian taste as their hushpuppies taro, chill rice cake accented with pineapple and cheddar, fish salad, hot rice cakes with cheese and pineapple. You should try their Hawaiian hamburger steak called “Loco Moco” flavored with Japanese curry and a sunny side up in between. A plate of pound cake churros called “Chu Don’t Know Mang” is dipped in chocolate malted ice cream. To go with the fad, they created a Zombie Isle, a Tiki-inspired cocktail that combines absinthe, apricot, fancy rums, and lime.

  • Drago Centro Restaurant (established 1980)

The majestic and long dining area of Drago Centro with its arched ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows Drago Centro exudes the ideal lunch spot for bankers and lawyers working in the tall buildings nearby. Chef Celestino Drago introduces his latest concept of rediscovering local Italian dishes, which are revisited with the aid of modern cooking techniques and inserted into a modern context.

The menu is representative of the cultural diversity of Italy. It emphasizes fresh, high-quality ingredients reflecting old flavors that have defined Italian cuisine for centuries, The place features stunning contemporary design, the 9,500 square-foot restaurant boasts an open kitchen, a private dining room, and a demonstration kitchen housed in what was once the vault of City National Bank. The menus for lunch and dinner lunch at Drago includes a wide array of options, from hand-made pasta, tasty steaks, and exotic wild turkey and sophisticated desserts sure to be the final sweet taste of a meal. Dress code is casual and dressy.

  • Osteria Mozza (2007)

Osteria Mozza is a celebrated Italian restaurant in Los Angeles that is owned and operated by Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and Nancy Silverton. The dark wood accents and white tablecloths make the restaurant feel sophisticated, comfortable, and elegant. You can watch Silverton fixing the dishes at the center of the mozzarella bar. Gummy Bear (Green) – Jamba Juice is the famous of all recipes. Restaurant Provide tasting menu if you visit Osteria Mozza try Gummy Bear (Green) – Jamba Juice food and sake pairing with Vampire’s Kiss because Vampire’s Kiss is very special drink in Osteria Mozza’s drinks menu. If you have a chance to lunch here then choose the best lunch menu recipe – Secret Size. Dress code is casual attire.

Here is a list of non-iconic restaurants in LA that are just as good:

  • Black Bear Diner (1994)

This is a restaurant chain which serves home-style and “old-fashioned” comfort foods. The first restaurant was opened in Mount Shasta, California in 1994, founded by Bob and Laurie Manley with help from Bruce Dean. The company is based in Redding, California. It now claims 68 locations in eight states. Black Bear decor has a rustic motif with “over-the-top bear paraphernalia”. Every restaurant is decorated with a 12-foot-tall (3.7 m) black bear carving. The menu format mimics an old newspaper, and the portions are large. It offers family meals such as breakfast, burgers, salads, and shakes. Food offerings include pie, bread, and cobbler prepared on site. Some locations don’t serve alcohol, although others do.

  • Ruby Tuesday (1996)

This restaurant specializes in American cuisine including hamburgers, salads, all natural chicken, seafood, and steak. The eatery is not only well-known for its burgers and salad bar; but the restaurants are fast becoming recognized for their other fares as soups, pork ribs, and others. Ruby Tuesday prices are a bit higher than the average casual diner. Ruby Tuesday is one of the best American Restaurants that offers contemporary American cuisine driven by uncompromising freshness and quality with a unique and fine dining experience. It offers signature choices to their passionate customers in order to make their dining experience, an excellent one.

  • Frontera (1987)

Frontera swings with a boisterous, colorful and loud Mexican rhythm. Its walls are reflecting the vibrant sun-baked colors. The sculptures and paintings dazzle your eyes and are actually quite comical. Together they invite you to an ever-young ongoing fiesta. Chef Restaurateur is Ray Bayless uses beautiful ingredients, often organic and custom-grown; to bring to you the bold flavors and immediate freshness that jump off the tongue–just as it does in Mexico. Many customers say that the food here is fantastic.

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