How to Start a Food Blog

How to Start a Food Blog
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If you’re the kind of person who’s not satisfied by just eating the food you consume, but would rather experience it.  You might have the right mix of passion, creativity, and culinary interest to be a food blogger!

So, have you ever wanted to start a food blog yourself? Starting blogs today are much easier than 5 years ago in fact the whole process from beginning to the end takes only 15 minutes! That’s right in 15 minutes you could blogging about anything and everything that interest you! So what are you waiting for, a high price web-designer? Forget it, these simple three steps below will get you going and

Register a Domain Name (3-minutes)

Lets begin with a good solid name. Something that is unique and stands out. It is important that your domain name makes sense and it is related to your blog topic. Here is a good example. If your blog is about college Mascots, then your good domain name would be “” or “”. It is that simple really, however if you have a more unique name or a new word for it then go right ahead use it!

Obtain Web Hosting (5-minutes)

There are many of different web hosting companies out there. Simply Googling them will get you some of good ones. My advice is to stick with BlueHost since they have great reputation with customers and very fast web hosting servers. So when you register a domain name (Step 1) with Bluehost, you can also opt-in for different web hosting plans too. Cheapest plans start at $3.95/month  and so on. Furthermore you can change later if your site gets more traffic and you need more bandwidth to keep that site smooth and fast for the audience.

Install WordPress (7-minutes)

The next step is to install WordPress software for FREE. Installing it on Bluehost’s web hosting is easy since they provide a 1-click installation wizard. To use this feature, you will need to log in to your cPanel area, and then find t he WordPress installation button, which will likely appear underneath a heading labeled “website builders”. After you install your default word press theme, I suggest try switching it with a theme like Icy because it is FREE and very easy to use. You can buy different themes from ThemeForest if you decide to change your layout later on.
h2>Develop the Right Skils (Varies)

Now, those of you who are still with me may be chomping at the bit to move forward since it looks so easy.  We are certainly not people who would discourage anyone’s dreams!  That said, there are a lot of skills that many food bloggers either already had or have developed as their blogs grew or through education.  So what are they?  Great question!  Here’s a quick overview and certainly not an exhaustive list.

Skills Most Food Bloggers Have or Pay For


You’ve probably already realized the in order to become a food blogger you’ll need to learn how to write.  If you’ve acheived an 8th grade education you’ll probably already have the basics down.  That said, in order to succeed at food blogging you’ll need to do more than document and communicate your adventures.  Most bloggers find and perfect an interesting, unique writing style that causes their target audience to want to return for more and the most succesful are so good that their readers become fans who tell others relgiously.


If you’ve ever visited a food blog you’ve certainly noticed there is almost always a slue of pictures accompanying every post.  Many of these pictures are candid or documentary in nature so off-the-rack or “stock” photos will not be acceptable.  Unless you have a small fortune to spend on professional photography or have one in the family, you should be prepared with proper equipment and a basic understanding of how to stage and photograph food.

Graphic Design

Being able to design cool graphics and/or edit photos is a natural exstension of the fact that most successful food blogs make use of graphics and photos extensively.  While it’s not neccessary, is certainly helps to have graphic design experience.  Like most of the skills on our list, not having them doesn’t disqualify you from becoming a blogger since there are many great resources available to educate yourself or find a professional who can assist you.


On her blog, Kate from Cookie + Kate actually lists setting up google tools as one of the top 7 things anyone who’s interesting in becoming a food blogger should do.  These tools are fantastic sources of information on how to grow your site by giving your readers more of what they want, and when the time comes, make more money from your site, but only if you know how to use them!  You don’t need to be scared or intimidated as there is tons of great information on the web.  Some of the best information can be found on Google Help Forums.

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