Give Back and Give Hope With Chili’s

Eating out is a guilty pleasure that we like to enjoy once in awhile, or as often as our budget permits. The problem is that sometimes our conscience kicks in while we enjoy our well-deserved indulgence. As we shovel delectable food down our mouths, we think about those who are suffering and the less fortunate. This is such a mood killer, especially when you are ravenous and  then think about the amount you spend on a good meal, which could feed someone in need or help the medical expenses of someone who is battling a crippling disease. It is harder to eat out when you feel that this indulgence could go to someone who could put the money to better use.

Luckily, you can patronize a restaurant that gives back and make a donation of your own. Therefore, you will feel happy knowing that as you enjoy a sumptuous meal, you are also taking part in a effort to help those in need. This allows you to enjoy your meal without the guilt, perhaps with a bit of guilt if you overindulge. The main point is that you are helping out and enjoying a filling meal.

Chili’s: Compassion, Pocket-Friendly Prices And Great Food

Chili’s is known for affordable and filling food. Anyone will tell you that over the years, this brand has always remained a crowd favorite because they provide quality food at very reasonable price points. This is because Chili’s understands that most people are reeling from the current economic crisis and provides us with delectable and hefty options that fit our meager budgets, like their $20 Dinner For Two, which allows you to enjoy a choice of a large appetizer and entree. However, you might not know that this restaurant chain does not just provide us with pocket-friendly options, which is a service on its own, it also gives back to help those in need.

Each meal at Chili’s counts as a contribution to help St. Jude Research Hospital. This brand has partnered with the hospital since 2002 and Chili’s has recently hit the $50 million milestone. Starting September 8, you can take part in the #GiveHope campaign to help the kids of St. Jude.

#GiveHope All Year Round

The Give back campaign is a 2 week affair, and Chili’s is overwhelmed with the positive response. This is why they have decided to push it to the limit for the sake of their partner hospital. Instead of this just being short event, Chili’s has decided to do the kids at St. Jude a great service. They have recently announced that the #GiveHope campaign will last for a full year. Please note that they will still be raising money all throughout September with their two-week Give back campaign. The Give Hope campaign started on September 8.

Do Your Part

There are so many ways that you can help out. The Give Hope campaign allows you to donate in your own ways. If you stop by between September 8 to 22, you can give a donation to the server as you enjoy your meal. You can do your part online as well. Add a donation to your check using Ziosk or the online ordering process.

If you want something tangible to go with your good deed, no shame in that, as most of us expect a token or two, come over and purchase some cool sports themed merchandise, as a percentage will go to the needs of those in St Jude. The ladies will love the St Jude/Chili’s hairbands and bracelets and the gents will enjoy their St Jude/Chili’s Eye Black strips. If you buy any merchandise, be sure to spread the word via social media by tagging your pictures with #GiveHope. Tagging a few friends would help the cause so much.

If you just want to enjoy a conscience-free meal without the pressure of donating a set amount, please drop by on September 22 to support a major cause and have a larger than usual meal, as Chili’s will be donating at least $100,000 of their profits to St. Jude. Invite your friends and family to come along and help St. Jude’ out by enjoying excellent cuisine. Please remember to RSVP for Donate Profit’s Day on Facebook. Please inform as many people as you can to help Chili’s give back.

Spread the word and patronize Chili’s, a brand that cares. Enjoy great meals every day at a restaurant chain that gives back to society. Your donation can go towards the needs of someone who is battling a debilitating disease. If you want to help children in need, Chili’s provides you with the chance to do so. Patronize us by ordering online or dropping by. Any contribution will be such a big help. Giving hope has never tasted so good.

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