Fast Food and Illegal Drugs is a Bad Combination

It’s been said that fast food staples such as pizzas, burgers, and burritos can be very addictive. But sometimes that can be literally true, especially when you actually add illegal drugs to the mix.

  1. Waitress Sells Opium at Back of Pizza Hut. In December, police in Indiana arrested 26-year-old Jade Voiles along with Jennifer May Ailes, 25, and Troy Adam Littell, 31. An undercover police officer accompanied Ailes and Littell in an alleyway at the back of a Pizza Hut location in Muncie. They then bought a half-gram of opium from Voiles, who emerged from the Pizza Hut during her break.

Shortly afterwards, Ailes and Littell were arrested. When the police came for Voiles, she had the money from the drug sale, more opium, and “several straws containing a white powder”. We’re assuming that wasn’t some sort of cheese for the pizza. Voiles is currently being held on $20,000 bond, while other employees at the Pizza Hut location have no comment regarding the incident.

  1. Meth-Mex Restaurant Found in Coachella. So obviously you’ve heard of Tex-Mex. But in January, police in Coachella found out how meth was being dealt inside a Mexican restaurant.

The Las Flores restaurant was previously closed down by the local Health Department. In a routine health inspection following the closure, the authorities found the methamphetamines. They then arrested the owner Lorena Gonzalez along with her employee Jose Navarro and charged with “narcotics for sale, conspiracy, and selling within 1,000-feet of a school.” However, the two have not yet been arrested, as they both suffer from preexisting medical conditions that have kept them in the hospital.

It does seem that Gonzalez wasn’t too worried about her legal troubles, as she has posted a note for her customers promising that the restaurant will open by the last week of January 2016. Media personnel who tried to investigate further were threatened by the remaining crew of the Las Flores restaurant.

  1. Burger King Employee Sells Meth at Drive Thru. Do you want fries with your burger? Or are you a fan of onion rings instead? Or perhaps, you’re a person of refined tastes, and you want meth as your perfect burger accompaniment. All 3 options were covered by Courtney Suzanne Morgalo, who sold methamphetamine out of the Burger King drive thru in Georgia.

Police officers were tipped regarding her activities, and they searched her car while the 20-year old Morgalo was at work. They found 5 grams of meth, plastic baggies, and a scale along with 2 prescription pills. She was arrested soon after the meth was found in her car and charged with drug possession with the intent to distribute. She was also charged with felony probation violation because she was already on probation at the time for another drug charge. According to police, she also sold meth out of her car and she also used meth while at work.

According to Morgalo’s mom, the suspect was just a “shy, quiet kid” and she had no idea how her daughter got involved with dealing drugs. Maybe it was because being a waitress at a fast food joint is one of the lowest paying jobs in the whole country. Or perhaps the drugs made her stupid enough to think it was okay to sell meth at Burger King!

  1. Moronic Pizza Hut Workers Make Video of Smoking Weed at Work. It seems obvious to most of us that if you’re going to commit a crime, you don’t want any evidence. At the very least, you don’t want to create the damning evidence yourself.

But that was what a couple of workers did in a Pizza hut location in Cypress, California. First they stupid enough to hit a bong while they were at work, presumably to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Then they were even so stupid as to video themselves doing drugs. Finally, it was the ultimate stupidity to allow the video to get leaked into the Internet, and eventually the franchise owner saw the video as well.

Hopefully these two have a legal prescription for that cannabis, since the state of California has yet to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. But at least they have a lot of free time now to recuperate, since the local franchise owner fired them for being baked on the job.

  1. Burrito Delivered to Hospital Patient Stuffed with Opium. In Florida, Mexican dishes such as burritos are very popular. It’s so popular, in fact, that they’re almost as addictive as opium. That’s especially true when the burrito itself is stuffed with opium.

It happened at the Blake Medical Center in Bradenton, where an unidentified man dropped a burrito to workers and said it was for a patient there. Of course, the hospital workers investigated the food, and they found that it contained a syringe that was later found to be heroin.

So people, remember: don’t do drugs! Eating too much fast food is already too bad for the body, but illegal drugs are obviously bad for your brain as well. Please don’t hesitate to share this article to your friends so they’ll be made aware!

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