Famous Dave’s Takes BBQ to the Next Level

Famous Dave’s is where a lot of people go when they’re longing for some tasty barbecue, and it’s also a good place for some pork ribs and chicken too. Yes there are a lot of BBQ restaurants, but there’s a reason why Famous Dave is, well, famous for its barbecue, as they’re just different from the rest.


Plenty of Choices

famous-daves-appetizer-platterThere are the Barbecue Classics such as the Georgia Chopped Pork, Barbeque Chicken and the Hot Link Sausage, and you can also order any of their award winning ribs including the Big Baby, Half Slab and the Xxl Ribs. If you can’t make up your mind what to order, you can start with the BBQ Rib Tips which includes a side of your choice. There’re lots of sides here like the creamy coleslaw, Dave’s Cheesy Mac & Cheese and the potato salad among others, though of all these sides the potato salad is the most popular thanks to its nice mix of vegetables, giving it that nice extra crunch. There’s plenty of flavor here though the main dressing is mayo with a bit of mustard as well. Of the many classic barbecue dishes here, the rib tips are among the most popular thanks to its smoky flavor and the crust seasoning, which is neither too salty nor bland. In addition to this, the BBQ Rib Tips have the trademark Famous Dave’s pineapple glaze for that sweet taste, and the meat is tender and juicy.

Burnt End Appetizers

famous-daves-burnt-endsFamous Dave’s is also known for their appetizers, including the burnt ends. These appetizers are not your typical dark, charcoal like meat chunks, but more like fatty and charred, and cut in different sizes with various textures and flavors.

As anyone who’s eaten these appetizers before will tell you, there’s a sweet taste to them and it is complemented by servings of onion straws, pickled onions and pickles. In spite of the fact that there are a lot of flavors here, they all work together and enhance the meat’s flavor. The fact that these dishes have different flavors and textures isn’t surprising since Famous Dave’s uses different kinds of seasoning for their food so the crunchiness and tastes vary.

In addition to this Famous Dave’s smokes the meat deliberately and slowly, and without boiling so the meat remains clean. Apart from their barbecue classics and ribs you’ll also want to take a look at Dave’s Famous Feasts which should satisfy even the hungriest among you, and there’s the Real Que Sandwiches including Georgia Chopped Pork Sandwich, the Texas Manhandler, the Hickory Chicken Sandwich and the Smoked Sirloin Tri-Tip Sandwich.

If you’re driving by Famous Dave’s you should try out their Ultimate BBQ Burger, the Devil’s Spit Burger and Dave’s Favorite Burger, all of which can be ordered for $8.99. In addition you may also want to give their Char Grilled Cheeseburger a try for $8.49 and the New Citrus Grilled Shrimp for $13.99. And if you’re in the mood for some salad you can order the Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad or the Crispy Chicken Salad.

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