El Pollo Loco Continues Texas Expansion into Dallas Market, Black Bear Diner’s Vies for Market Share

As part of its continuing growth and marketing strategies, El Pollo Loco pursues its plans for a major expansion by penetrating the lucrative Dallas Texas market. Recognized as the country’s top-selling fire-grilled chicken restaurant chain, it has just made the announcement on further expansion, which was brought about by the huge success that it gained from its entry in the Houston market.

It is expected that a number of franchise restaurants will be open in the Dallas area starting the first few months of 2016. Acting as a co-developer of the Dallas franchise is Chicken Time Holdings, LP, which is an affiliate of Henry Investment Group. The new franchise holder will open a projected total of 7 El Pollo Loco restaurants to be distributed in various Dallas sites. It is expected that all stores will be fully operational within four years.

According to Steve Sather, CEO and president of El Pollo Loco, the company, which is famous for its Mexican-style recipes, looks forward to serving the Dallas residents its delicious chicken fare. Sather said that he is overwhelmed by the great support that the Houston community has given the restaurant that he is sure that that they will receive the same kind of support from the Dallas market.

Sather is also happy with the ongoing development of the expansion under the company’s partnership with The Henry Investment Group. He recognizes the tremendous amount of opportunities that exist in Dallas. So far, the partnership has identified a number of potential sites wherein which he foresees El Pollo Loco enjoying tremendous patronage.

The US restaurant industry is filled with members that offer only the best in food varieties. On its part, El Pollo Loco serves some of the best chicken-based food fares in the industry. The brand is popular for is fire-grilled chicken, which is the best-seller in all its stores countrywide. Other reasons why the restaurant has become a major force in the business are its competent and courteous staff and fun dining atmosphere.

As El Pollo Loco is recognized as one of the major players that have garnered a good share of the fast food market, many others jostle for available industry positions that can give them the opportunity to gain the valuable patronage of numerous fastfood goers.

A worthy alternative to El Pollo Locco is the Black Bear Diners’ The Blazin’ Bear. Many industry experts have only good words to say about the Black Bear Diners. They readily include it in their list of options for those who are tired of the traditional restaurants and fast food joint’s same old menu and would want to try other alternatives.

Without a doubt, Black Bear Diner’s The Blazin’ Bear is a top choice for diners seeking to find a unique restaurant that dares to serve the unconventional fare. Black Bear Diner does boast of anything but the usual boring food varieties that typical downtown restaurants and food joints offer.

Black Bear Diner is all about old-fashioned, home-styled family dinner meals that everyone will love to enjoy on any typical evening. The classic American dinner can be a pain in the pocket but not Black Bear Diner. It large serving of an American-styled meal is sure to fill one up, but will hardly drain his pocket.

Everything found on the menu is reasonably priced. Remember that if you are dining at a Black Bear restaurant, expect that you will be served bear-sized portions, short of being gargantuan. This only means that satisfaction is guaranteed, as far as dealing with your hunger pangs is concerned.

Black Bear promises to offer a unique menu with a diversified list of dishes that goes on and on. This means there is one or more meals that can satisfy the palate of a particular guest. You can bring along the whole family, and be assured that each member will find one on the menu that will tickle his fancy.

When it comes to food, there’s no way you should miss the restaurant’s homemade biscuits or even its specialty, the giant bear claws. Another homemade fare the Black Bear is proud of is the cobblers, which are made for one but is actually plenty enough for two persons. It also offers some of the best diner classic available such as the meat loaf and pot roast, which are the stars of the menu.

For those who love sandwiches, there are just loads of them to choose from, not to mention some fine choices of burgers made from popular meats. Salads of the freshest quality can also be had at affordable prices.

El Pollo Loco and Black Bear Diner’s – one further cements its revered place in the industry by opening more franchise stores across the country even as it continues to innovate on its menu offerings, while the latter is on its way to grabbing a good portion of the market on the lookout for equally good fast food alternatives.

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