Eat Breakfast Like a King (or Queen)

Eat like a king or queen for breakfast. Eat like a prince or princess for lunch. And, eat like a pauper for dinner.

Every mom and grandma will say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Any guy who’s on a fast break for work will say that the big breakfast thing is just a trap to keep them in the house for a little while longer but, there are very good and sensible reasons for putting importance on the first meal of the day.

There are two very important reasons for eating big at breakfast.

Break the Fast

Breakfast actually comes from two words; break and fast which simply means that breakfast should be all about breaking the fasting.

Consider the amount of time from breakfast to lunch, that should be about 5 hours in between them; from lunch to dinner, it’s only about 7 hours tops. The longest time a person won’t be eating is for about 10 to 11 hours. That’s the amount of time between tonight’s dinner ‘til tomorrow’s breakfast.

Consider waking up and you have not taken anything for at least half a day; by all means, you should be running towards the breakfast table and consuming everything possible to recover for lost time or rather, lost eating.

If you are an active person whose muscles and strength place a very important role in your life, it is worthwhile to know that your body is either gaining muscles or losing muscles. Proteins for muscle growth are only useful for 3 hours. Beyond those 3 hours, you are already losing muscles. Breakfast is a very critical meal because you have to take in proteins to recover the muscles you have lost during sleep.

Timing Your Calories

For the ordinary Joe whose only form of exercise is the wielding of dining utensils for reps, you would like to take advantage of breakfast.

What you eat for breakfast will probably be consumed and burned throughout the day. Breakfast will be the best time to eat everything you like. Overeating is most welcome during breakfast because you are most likely to burn them anyway.

Then, your intake should be lessened as you proceed to lunch and dinner because as the day passes, the amount of your physical activity goes down and literally goes to nil beyond dinner time.

But, most people eat on a reverse order, putting more time, effort and delight to consuming more calories at dinner.

Morning Rush

The usual reason is that there is simply no time in the morning to sit down and eat.

That’s right; people tend to spend too much time in the bathroom and in front of the mirror to get ready for work and school.

There are 2 ways of solving this dilemma. It’s either you wake up earlier or, prepare the night before for the things that take too much time.

The easiest way to solve the morning rush is to wake up an hour earlier. The more complicated way of solving it is to prepare your clothes before you sleep as choosing what to wear takes up the most time in the morning rush.

Dull Taste in the Morning

There could be a lot of reasons for having dull tastes in the morning.

Some say most people wake up with an allergy that limits the function of their sense of taste and smell like what a cold does.

Some say that it has something to do with dehydration that weakens your body and tries to save it from the work of digestion.

Some say that it’s just because you are sleepy and that you’d rather sleep some more than eat breakfast.

No matter what’s your reason, there is a way to go around it. Leave the house as soon as you’re dressed up and dine outside for breakfast. But, avoid the drive-thru. Most people can’t eat well while driving and vive-versa.

Waffle House is open 24/7. You can come in as early as you like and spend 1 hour or 2 hours filling up if you like. If your taste buds are not yet working after the drive, then load up on the syrup. The most stubborn taste bud cannot resist sweet syrup. And, breakfast is the only time of the day when you can load the sugar without being too guilty about it.

In case you are not the breakfast food type then, are other things to eat other than waffles and pancakes for breakfast. If you can still manage to have breakfast at 7 am you can try International House of Pancakes, IHOP that has one of the earliest hamburger bars where you can enjoy your cheeseburgers and hamburgers so early in the morning.

You can eat at home, take piles of waffles and pancakes in a 24 hour restaurant or enjoy the regular day’s burger if you like. If you can’t get through your early morning breakfast blues, go around it and take a big plate’s full of food. Consider it as your only meal for the day if you have to.

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