Dave & Buster’s – Restaurant and Entertainment Center in One

There’s a reason why Dave & Buster’s is called a playground for kids and the young at heart, as it’s more than just a typical restaurant. With Dave & Buster’s you can participate in a host of gaming attractions ranging from video arcade classics to other forms of entertainment including pocket billiards and simulator games.


A Place for Kids and Adults

When you go into Dave & Buster’s you’ll be greeted by an employee, and if you like you can head over to the dining area on the right, and if you’re looking for a place to have fun while dining you won’t be disappointed. A trip over to the gaming center and you’re more likely than not to see lots of young people in groups playing games, or someone trying out the motorcycle simulation.

There are Food and Drinks Too

coworkers-socializing-after-workWhile the place gets a lot of attention for their games, the food menu is actually diverse and gives you plenty of options. Lovers of bar food will enjoy the selection of Buffalo wings, burgers, steaks and cheese fries. But your choices are not limited to those as you can also order pasta, tropical chicken, fire-grilled salmon, shrimp, barbecue and even meals under 600 calories.

You can order anything on the menu, but if you want something for the group, why not go for a broad selection so you can get a taste of their varied menu? A good choice would be the very popular pretzels which come with multiple dips. As for the entrées, you can’t go wrong with the Island Grilled Trifecta which comes with shrimp, chicken, and steak, or the Black Jack BBQ chicken. If you want something simpler but no less tasty, there’s always their bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.

The food isn’t just good but the prices are reasonable too and typical of other casual food chains. But Dave & Buster’s isn’t just about good food as their drink menu is just as varied, with different kinds of beers and mixed concoctions available. Combine this with the numerous food options and the quiet bar area, and you’ve got a nice place to drink and eat.

Games, Games and More Games

dave-and-busters-Games-RestaurantMealPricesThe food is great, yes, but anyone who goes here will undoubtedly play some games, and you’re in luck since there are more than 140 to choose from. The biggest area here is the Million Dollar Midway, which features an assortment of sports-oriented, skill and electronic games. With the exception of coin action titles, all the Midway games are turned on by a Power Card, and you can recharge this if you want to play more.

Dave & Buster’s game selection is as varied as their menu, as it includes Galaxian Theater, where you battle alien invaders, Iwerks Turbo Ride Theater, a simulation center, and the 19th Hole, a golf simulator. There are also carnival-style games, racing, and ticket redemption games. In short, if you want to eat and play, drop by Dave & Buster’s.

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