Daily Table Offers Healthy Food Options

Daily Table Offers Healthy Food Options at Very Low Prices

People with low monthly incomes also want to buy and consume foods that are fresh and healthy. But the truth is that only people in the high income bracket can afford to buy healthy foods on a consistent basis. So imagine everyone’s excitement when a new grocery store opened with an aim to make delicious and wholesome food affordable to all. Daily Table is making it possible for people with limited financial resources to still eat right.

The availability and affordability of healthy food has always been a letdown to those who are earning just above the minimum wage. Doug Rauch, founder of Daily Table believes that healthy food options should not be limited for the consumption of the wealthier sections of the society. That’s why he opened the first ever low-cost health food store in Boston in June 2015.

Rauch, a former president of Trader’s Joe thought that if more than 30 percent of the total food production goes to waste every year, there is still plenty to go around at affordable prices. He believes there should be less food waste and more affordable food for people.

In a recent interview, Rauch expressed disappointment that nearly 50 million Americans do not eat properly because of the quality of food they have. This results in a host of diseases including diabetes, heart disease and obesity, even in teens and young people.

More than making profit, the company is on a mission to help people achieve proper nutrition even with limited financial means. The company’s website states, “We are on a mission to help communities make great choices around food by making it easy for them to choose tasty, healthy, convenient and truly affordable meals and groceries. And we do this in a respectful manner that honors our customer, engendering dignity.”

They refuse to be recognized as a charitable institution. For them, they are just a group of people who want to change the reality of food consumption by innovating the consumer’s power to purchase. They just want to lessen the food wastes by properly distributing affordable food to all people.

Maybe you are wondering how the company is able to lower their prices while most grocery chains are always competing in price. The answer is fairly simple. Rauch offers low prices by working a deal with vendors and dealers for food that is soon going to be thrown out or expire.

His idea does not only allow him to purchase food items at a very low price, sometimes vendors donate goods after they learn where the food is going. And because they are dealing with more vendors, their products vary from time to time. The idea is to “work on whatever they have at a time.”

Moreover, they are not your ordinary grocery store because they are primarily catering to people in the low income bracket, probably even homeless people, they are also selling grab-and-go healthy meals designed to fit in everybody’s budget. Most of these meals are made fresh daily, in their onsite kitchen.

Everybody can shop at Daily Table. You just need to sign up for a membership. This will help the company track where they are generating demands and in which neighborhoods are finding their store useful. Unlike other store membership, Daily Table membership is free and requires only some basic information from the customer.

While Daily Table is associated with food banks and charitable institutions, it is an alternative for people who want to buy food with dignity. Their food offerings may not be free, but they are definitely very affordable.

Daily Table is a company with just a single grocery store location today. But they are planning to open new locations in Boston and other neighboring cities. They currently have more than 5,000 active members but the number of members increases everyday. Pretty soon a lot of people who want to maintain good health will be shopping at their store.

Anybody can visit their store located at 450 Washington Street, Dorchester MA 02124. They are open Mondays through Saturdays from 9AM to 8PM and 11AM to 6Pm every Sundays.

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