Chuck E. Cheese: Fund The Charity Of Your Choice

If you have ever been passionate about a cause, you would say that it is the most rewarding thing, being able to help make a difference. Most of us are heroes waiting to happen. Unfortunately, we do not know how to get started and probably don’t know how to find a venue to host the charity of our choice. Luckily, there are companies that can help make our charity events come to life.

Chuck E. Cheese For Charity Events

If you are looking for a restaurant chain that will help you host the event of your choice, you might think that most do not care and may overcharge you as well. However, there are certain establishments that understand your dedication and want to lend a helping hand.

Chuck E. Cheese is a great place that provides you with budget-friendly food and has activities to keep your rugrats entertained. You might not know that they offer you a chance to give back to your community. You can make a difference by hosting your non-profit fundraising events at Chuck E. Cheese. You can host children’s charities, youth scouts, religious youth groups events at the branch nearest you.

When you choose to partner with Chuck E. Cheese, you receive materials to promote the event of your choice, 15% donation to the organization you choose from all sales generated by the people in attendance, a donation check within 10 business days. The donation is inclusive of all merchandise, token deals and food that your group purchased during the said event. Please note that there should be over 75 participants and the event should benefit any children’s cause that helps minors up to the age of 12.

How To Get Started

Pick a week day for your desired event. You need to give them at least three weeks advance notice and please keep in mind that only authorized people from the organization should make this request. Then you can submit the reservation form online or you may choose to contact their fundraising agents through 1-888-CEC-4FUN. Please note that only one fundraising event can be scheduled per day at a single location.

There is no need to worry about using your funds for promotional material, because this company has you covered. Chuck E Cheese can help you promote your event by providing you both Spanish and English flyers. These include an extra incentive of 25 free tickets with any food purchase. However, these are only valid on the night of the said event.  You also receive graphic templates that allow you to create materials for this event and  you also get online invitations which are courtesy of Punchbowl.

Promotion Is Important

While you get great promotional material, please remember that you need to do leg work as well. This event’s success will help you get the money you need for the charity of your choice. With the promotional material Chuck E. Cheese will provide, that should not be a problem. However, you need to make sure that you get enough people in attendance. It would be best if you could get more than the required 75 participants.

You can start by informing close friends and family members. Make sure you tell them to spread the word as well. This is why the online invitations are so useful, which are free. You can even make a social media page for it and come up with hashtags that represent the location and the cause itself. It would be best to ask people to RSVP for the event as soon as you get confirmation for the location.

Raise Funds For Your School As Well

Charities are not the only cause that Chuck E. Cheese supports. With the economy being the way it is, most schools need to host fundraising events in order to keep up with the needs of their students. Get your school a fun fundraising event with a special appearance by their mascot.

Chuck E. Cheese has successfully raised over $10 million for this cause. You get to enjoy a 15% donation to your school based on the sales generated that night by event participants, materials to promote your fundraiser, 10 free tokens for each child enrolled at the school, appearance by Chuck E. Cheese himself and a free meal for the teachers in attendance.

This offer is good for non-profit public schools , private pre-schools and middle schools. There should be 75 or more students.

Giving back to the community or helping your school raise the funds it needs has never been more fun. If you are looking for a kid-friendly way to attract participants, Chuck E. Cheese is always the best solution. You get an astounding deal just for fighting for the cause you believe in, and you get to enjoy great food while you’re at it.

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