Chinese Food You Won’t Soon Forget

Planning to drop by P.F. Chang’s for some Chinese food? Well that’s a good place to savor some of these treats, but regardless where you decide to go, make sure you include these in your must-eat list, as they’re to die for. If you love Chinese food, you will not want to pass up on these.

Peking / Beijing Duck

Peking Duck MealThis is the signature delicacy of Beijing, and this is usually served whole, with the waiter bringing the duck to the table and carving it into smaller pieces. This used to be a costly delicacy and in many places it still is, but there are affordable ones now available.

Chinese Shredded Pork

chinese-shredded-pork-bowlShredded pork is a favorite treat in many parts of China especially Beijing. Shredded pork traditionally consists of stir fried sweet salty pork tenderloin strips, and these strips are then folded into a tofu wrap, with some spices like Chinese leek added in. Shredded pork originated in Sichuan but became popular in Beijing when soy sauce and sweet bean paste were added. Now the dish has made its way to the United States and is now served in many restaurants.

Braised Eggplant

braised-eggplant-bowlIf you love eggplant but want to try something different, try braised eggplant Chinese style. The dish consists of sautéed eggplant plus vegetable oil, garlic, ginger, green onion and spicy sweet sauce. This dish has always been popular with vegetarians and students, and today different variants are available in many American Chinese restaurants.

Manchu Steamed Bun

manchu-steamed-bunSteamed buns are snacks popular in northeast China and part of Manchurian cuisine. Assorted variants are available but the traditional steamed bun consists of stuffed beans that have been mashed and covered with perilla leaves. If you can’t go to Beijing you’ll find steamed buns in many American Chinese diners with different kinds of stuffing.

Kung Pao Chicken

kung-pao-chickenKung Pao Chicken has been a staple in Chinese restaurants and now they’re available in the US too with shrimp variants aside from the chicken. This Sichuan dish is usually served with spices, pepper and peanuts, plus bite sized chicken chunks.

Sweet Pea Pudding

sweet-pea-puddingIf you’re longing for some traditional Chinese desserts, try Beijing Sweet Pea Pudding, a sweet concoction comprised of sugar and yellow split peas. This dessert, which is served chilled, has been around for a long time and was one of the favorites of the Empress Dowager Cixi.

Ginger Tea

ginger-tea-drinkFinally, you can’t go around sampling Chinese food without trying some ginger tea. This drink doesn’t just taste good, but it’s believed by the Chinese to have medicinal properties and is good for treating upset stomachs, and it’s also said to have anti-inflammatory properties as well. So if you’re tired of the usual drinks, give this a try, or maybe you can go for Pu-er tea instead, which is believed to help you lose weight.

Whether you’re eating at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen or somewhere fancy, you’ll notice that there’s a strong Chinese food influence, and given their taste, that’s a good thing. Even if you haven’t had Chinese food before, you won’t regret feasting on these treats.

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