Check Out the Stacked Burgers at T.G.I Friday’s

T.G.I Friday’s has always been popular for their drinks, but the restaurant wants to show they offer than that, and they have proven it with their double patty Stacked burgers. These burgers, according to Friday’s, took more than two years to develop, and since it was released last year has become a hit with their customers, and it’s easy to see why.


The Stacked Burgers Up Close

Stacked Burgers from TGI Friday'sThese burgers are made up of two 3.6 ounce fresh beef patties (75/25 grilled) with lots of toppings below, on top and between them. Practically all Friday’s locations are now serving these freshly baked, with the buns delivered by select local bakery affiliates. According to Dan Dillon, Friday’s senior menu development director, locations that don’t serve the burgers fresh have par-baked buns.

There are three double patty Stacked available, with the following descriptions.• All-American Stacked Burger – with Parmesan spread, Asiago, onions, bacon, All-American Stacked Burger – with Parmesan spread, Asiago, onions, bacon,

  •  All-American Stacked Burger – with Parmesan spread, Asiago, onions, bacon, and melted cheddar cheese between the two burgers, plus some peppered bacon and Thousand Island dressing.
  •  Philly Stacked Burger: with green onion, spicy giardiniera, roasted cremini mushrooms, and some Parmesan and Asiago spread. Also sandwiched between the burgers are mozzarella, shredded beef, onion bacon jam, lettuce, peppered bacon, Swiss cheese, horseradish spread and tomato.
  •  Bleu Cheese Stacked Cheese Burger – this cheeseburger has melted bleu cheese, green onions, balsamic onions, cremini mushrooms roasted and peppered bacon with roasted garlic rosemary.

All three burgers cost $11.79.

The All American Stacked Burger

TGI Friday's Burger OptionsWith its condiment spreads like the Thousand Island, onion bacon jam and Asiago-
Parmesan, plus the cheese, bacon and beef, there’s a lot happening with the burger, but all the condiment spreads and flavors actually complement one another. Even though there are a lot of toppings here the distinct flavor of each one is retained, and of the various spreads here the ones that truly stand out are the bun, bacon and onion bacon jam, and the beef isn’t bad either. While Friday’s burgers have always been good, this is definitely an upgrade.

Philly Stacked Burger

Philly Burger from TGI Friday'sThe Philly Stacked Burger has about 12 different toppings and just like the All American each of the toppings and spreads stood out, with the onion bacon jam and horseradish spread complementing the taste of the beef. In terms of flavor it is way better than other average cheeseburgers thanks to the unique concoction.

Bleu Cheese Stacked Burger

TGI Friday's Bleu Cheese Stacked BurgerIf you’re in the mood for some blue cheese then this is for you as the beef isn’t just great, but the cheese has a nice tangy flavor and works well with the bacon and garlic rosemary aioli which has been roasted nicely. In addition, the roasted cremini mushrooms adds a lot to the flavor.

These Burgers are Stacked

No wonder these burgers took a while to develop, as they are really good. This isn’t just about toppings being piled on top one another as a lot of thought has gone into it so they blend well with the beef. The fact that Friday’s is using fresh, not frozen beef is good, and the toppings are really tasty. Of course their original burgers are still available such as the New York Cheddar & Bacon Burger which just costs $6.79, the Spicy Craft Beer-Cheese Burger for $10.79 and the Turkey Burger for $8.69. Any of these will satisfy your cravings for burgers for sure.

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