Cheap Eats in NYC

For this article, the word cheap won’t necessarily mean the food of the lowest cost. Cheap only means; the best quality for its value.

Eating good food doesn’t really entail emptying your wallets or abusing your credit cards. A few dollars will go a long way in New York City. Let’s take a walk in the streets of New York and talk about the real good food. And when we say good, we are talking about great tastes, filling servings and best value prices.

The list of best value restaurants in Now York cannot be accommodated and discussed in one session. There’s just so many. Let’s confine ourselves to some basic categories that anyone visiting the city will surely try to look for.


Let’s start off with an all American meal. That’s Applebee’s located in 205 W 50th street and 234 W 42nd street.

Applebee’s is all about great tasting, filling servings and value for your money all American favorites. Their slogan of “serving good food to good people” has gone a long way. Serving a full list of meals and snack, Applebee’s has become as household name. It’s the best next thing to mom’s or grandma’s cooking; great tasting American.

Be it for a full meal or filling snack, Applebee’s never fails to satisfy everyone with, not only their food, but their prices.


When it’s time to go noodles and rice, nothing beats Chinese food.

When in New York and you are craving for some Chinese food, Han Dynasty is the best place to be.

Located at the lower east side, Han Dynasty is best known for its fiery Szechuan food and salty tongue. Chef’s choices are; monster spiced chicken wings, chilled chunks of bone-in rabbit with peanuts, delicate pork wontons, dandan noodles, stir-fried cumin lamb and double-cooked pork belly. These are the “hard to explain-must tastes” at Han Dynasty, all priced friendly as the oriental culture.


For the best Italian sandwich in New York, Porchetta is the place to be.

Porchetta specializes on central Italy’s classic boneless roasted pork. Some criticize Porchetta for being a single menu restaurant that presents itself as more of a mere take-out counter. But, that is just how good a food the Porchetta sandwich is.

The Porchetta is made of cubed meat that is stuffed into a small spongy loaf, which is the perfect way to absorb the juices, or served loose. It is amazingly moist and tender, as it was slowly basted with rendered pork fat during its five-hour cooking, fragrantly seasoned with fennel pollen, herbs and spices, and flecked with brittle shards of skin. The other menu items seem incidental; some work, others don’t.

Sounds delicious? Well, it is.


Everybody loves pizza and everyone is bound to eat pizza in New York. For the best pizzas, simply go to Motorino.

New Yorkers take their pizzas very seriously and that makes it very hard for a pizzeria to make it in this town. That’s why Motorino does the same thing. Take the simple case of a margarita. They make sure it passes the litmus test. The classic combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil comes straight from the dining room’s glowing oven, with melted islands of buffalo-milk mozzarella on a thin layer of sweet sauce. The crust meets two critical standards; a properly blistered char and a wonderful elasticity that is so often missing from lesser examples. Ah! All that for a very reasonable price? Well, only in New York.


And of course, there are tacos. New Yorkers like to eat on the move. But for taco presentations as delicious as in Los tacos No. 1, it’s worth the sit down.

Best sellers are; spit-roasted adobada pork and sweet pineapple batons, succulent- charred carne asada and creamy guacamole and quench it down with agua frescas.

One need not go to Tia Juana for these Mexican delights, just head over to Chelsea North.


When one’s eating light or just wants to wrap one’s teeth around something in between meals, New York has a lot of good affordable international snack bars and restaurants.

There’s Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery. Their soft, house-made knishes that are baked in a basement brick oven are a taste of bygone New York.

There’s Lumpia Shack Snack Bar. Their menu consists of the Filipino version of the spring roll and other rice bowls.

And there’s The Arepa Lady. Colombia born Maria Cano has amassed a following for her sizzling, buttery corn cakes with a crunchy top queso center and shish kabobs with grilled potatoes.

After trying out all these best value suggestions, nobody can say that New York is a tough and expensive city. At the end of the day everyone visiting The Big Apple will have belly full of delicious tastes and a lot of dollar to spare in their wallets.

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