Cattleman’s Steakhouse Menu Prices

Cattleman’s Steakhouse Menu Prices
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When Dieter Gerzymisch was tasked by his father to be in-charge of the German Air Force School in Fort Bliss from Germany, he fell in love with the people and tasty meals there that he decided to make it his permanent home. He then bought horses to rent to the public and found himself owning a new home at Indian Cliffs where he set up his ranch. Little did he know, the ranch will also house Cattleman’s Steakhouse, Gerzymisch’s first venture in the restaurant industry.

Below are the latest Cattleman’s Steakhouse menu prices.



Shrimp Cocktail$8.95
BBQ Beef Ribs$6.80
BBQ Beef Cubes$7.30
Tempura Battered Shrimp$6.65
Fire-Grilled Sausage$3.95


The Cowboy 2lb.$47.25
The Cowgirl 1/2lb.$39.50
The Wagon Master$34.00
Rib Eye 10oz/14oz$29.75/$34.00
New York Strip 10oz/14oz$29.00/$33.50
Filet Mignon 10oz$37.50
Top Sirloin 10oz/14oz$26.00/$31.75
The Royale 12oz$17.50

B B Que

Beef and Ribs$27.75
Ribs (full rack)$29.75


Orange Roughy$26.50
Shrimp Scampi (10 jumbo shrimp)$28.25
Shrimp & Steak$35.25
Lobster (10-12oz)Market Price
Steak & LobsterMarket Price
Grilled Atlantic Salmon$27.25
Hand Battered Shrimp (10 large shrimp)$26.25

Chicken & Sausage

Fire-Grilled Kielbasa Sausage$17.25
Mesquite-Grilled Chicken$20.75

For the Small Appetite

The Little Wrangler$21.00
The Lady's Filet$26.25
The Ranch Burger$14.75
Shrimp-Filet Kabob$25.50

Side Orders

Green Chili Strips$0.95
Herbed Butter$1.50
Baked Potato$3.95
Corn on the Cob$3.65
French Fries$2.25
Grated Cheese$0.75
Tampiquena Topping$3.25
JalapenosNo Charge


Assorted Ice Cream or Sherbert$2.50
Queen of Sheba$5.45
Chocolate Mousse$4.45
Apple Pie$5.80
Apple Pie a la Mode$6.95
Pecan Pie$5.95
Irish Coffee Cappuccino$5.70
Kioki Coffee$5.70
Chocolate Layer Cake$6.95
Raspberry Cheese Cake$7.45

Opening its doors to the public in 1973, Cattleman’s Steakhouse served delicious, tender steaks that Gerzymisch bought every week himself. Since then, patrons and customers flock to the Indian Cliffs Ranch just to have a taste of BBQ beef ribs, tempura battered style shrimp, fire-grilled sausage, filet mignon, New York strip, and the Wagon Master, a huge slab of T-bone club steak with baked potato, ranch beans, coleslaw and all the rice or corn a customer can eat. Lobster, Atlantic salmon, and shrimp scampi is also served with any steak a customer wishes to have.

Besides the steak and seafoods, Cattleman’s Steakhouse is also known for their catering services and can even serve as the venue for wedding receptions or ceremony. With over 30,000 acre of land and a beautiful background, couples will find themselves falling in love with each other, making their wedding romantic and intimate.

For more information about Cattleman’s Steakhouse, visit their official website.

Last Updated: January 19, 2016 6:29 pm

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Cattleman’s Steakhouse Menu Prices
4.3 (86.67%) 3 votes

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