Visit Bubba Gump for the Widest Selection of Shrimp Meals

Bubba Gump for the Best Shrimp Meals

There are movies about true events and true to life stories and there are those that everyone wishes to be true. If you happen to love the movie Forrest Gump – the make believe story about the simple true-American who managed to be successful through the course of one life-time then here is the “fruits” of his shrimp-fishing endeavor: the Bubba Gump Restaurant and Market.

No one can ever imagine how much you can do with a bucket full of shrimps until you get to Bubba Gump Restaurant. Can you remember that scene when Forrest’s army buddy Bubba was enumerating all the things he could do with shrimps? If you could then, you have to go to this shrimp restaurant and see them in their actual presentations.

Yes, it’s always shrimp delight at Bubba Gump of course and to start off your shrimp love affair, nothing beats their Shrimper’s Net Catch. It’s not just about the munching. There is so much pleasure in having to peel the shrimp first before you put it in your mouth. You’ll immediately know if a resto is serving you fresh shrimps or not. It all about how the shrimps’ skin is attached to the meat. There are shrimps that are irritating to peel. That’s when the skin seems to be glued to the meat and you end up having to scoop it your with your finger nails or a knife. Bubba Gump’s shrimps are always fresh so peeling won’t give you any trouble.

Shrimp Appetizers

Shrimper’s Net Catch is a bucket full of these easy to peel; juicy shrimps, steamed in beer. You can get the 2/3 pound order or better yet go ahead and get the full 1 and 1/3-pound bucket, and you can get the option of letting it swim on either the Bubba Garlic Spice or Sweet Recipe Cajun Spice.

For other shrimp presentations and preparations, they have the very popular Popcorn Shrimp that includes pepperoncinis, roasted red bell peppers and specialty dippin’ sauces. When you want the perfect blend of southern cooking with a shrimp angle, you can try the Shrimp Shack Mac and Cheese; noodles mixed with sautéed shrimp, cheddar, Monterey Jack and parmesan cheese topped with golden brown bread crumbs.

Shrimp Sandwich?

And if you would like to know how shrimp tastes like in a sandwich, try Shrimp Po’ Boy; French loaf stuffed with warm popcorn shrimps, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and mayonnaise. This sea sandwich is served with fries.

For salad, go for the BLT Shrimp salad. That’s bacon, lettuce and tomato with Bleu Cheese Crumbles that’s all tossed with creamy ranch dressing and topped with herb seasoned shrimps. Now, we have not reached the really-really-shrimp specials yet.

Shrimp Meals

Let’s talk about the Shrimp meals. These are the stuff Forrest Gump himself will eat as soon he gets off his boat. Check out Bubba’s After the Storm Bucket of Boat Trash; flash fried shrimp, fish with Cajun spices and a steamed cluster of snow crab that comes along with fries. Or, the Jambalaya which a combination of blackened chicken, shrimps and Andouille sausage, sautéed with bell pepper, onions and rice in Bubba’s own spicy sauce, topped with tomatoes and green onions.

Then there’s Shrimpers Heaven for those who truly love shrimps, here’s a bucket full of hand-breaded coconut shrimps, grilled to crispy golden shrimps and tempura shrimp with fries with the inclusion of a tangy Asian, Cajun marmalade sauce.


Now, what better way to cherish your “Shrimperfect!” experience at Bubba Gump’s than sporting tees, cup and caps. Bubba Gump t-shirts will always be eye-catchers and so will you. Everybody’s always going to say. “Hey, isn’t that from the movie Forrest Gump?” It sure is and if you want to enjoy shrimp and enjoy the “feel-good” ambience of the great movie then, you have to be at Bubba Gump’s with or without the shirt.

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