Breaking News: Romantic Dinner Saves Marriage

Do you remember the first time you met her? It could be anywhere but one thing is for sure, you ended up dating in a restaurant. It could have been in a very romantic candle light fine dining restaurant where the violin only played for both of you. Or, it could have been in a noisy restaurant where everything just became silent and paused for the right moments when you called each other’s name.

The moment you thought of a name for your first new born, you lost your own. You started to become Mr. Dad and Mrs. Mom.

Maybe it’s time to go back to that old restaurant or, find a new one you can frequent before it’s too late.

Fix Yourself

The main difference between a marriage and an affair is that you see the person you married in his, or her worst moments while only see your lover at her best.

You find your wife smelling like fried chicken after cooking dinner while you’ll see your mistress on a date wearing a perfume.

A dinner date is the best way to see your partner like the way you saw her on your first date and fall in love with her all over again.

A dinner date gives you reason to dress up and fix yourself, if not for your partner then, for the other people in the restaurant who will see you.

Be the Gentleman and Be the Lady

Marriage is all about shared work and responsibility. To some extent, it demotes a love affair to a domestic partnership. There must be a place where a man could be a gentleman and woman could be a lady.

A fine dining restaurant is the perfect place for the husband to  pull out the chair for his wife and the wife to sincerely smile back for acknowledgment, a place where both of you could be mistaken for extramarital lovers out on a secret fling that’s too sweet for the real thing.

No Kids

Can you remember the last time you talked about something else other than your kids?

A romantic dinner date is the best time to ask each other how things are at work. The truth is; you are spending most of your waking hours away from each. Not having the chance to recall and be proud of those valuable hours could lead into an unsatisfactory life than can be assumed to have been brought about by an unhappy married life.

Can you remember why you fell in love with the partner in the first place? Chances are; he made you feel good about yourself.

A quiet romantic date will give you the time to appreciate each other.

No Diets and No Accounting Please

Imagine you are too young to have diabetes. Imagine you have no overdue mortgages to pay.

Remember that first date? It was all or nothing. That night should be the best night ever or you’ll never be with that person across the table again.

Anyway, the romantic dinner will only be once every month. If you consider that night to be very important then you must have saved for it and stuck to your diet plan through all the days around it for you to be a little carless for the night.

Give Importance

While marital partnership involves family and its survival first before anything else, in truth it should only fall second to giving each other the sense of importance.

Something has to be more valuable than the mortgage. Something has to be more important the pending work in the office. Something has to be more important than the kids’ grades in school.

Take her to Capital Grille, Swiss Chalet, or Marlow’s Tavern and make her feel important. Just like the first time, it’s all or nothing. You can’t leave anything to chance so you’ll go with the old reliable and drop the risky cheap counterparts.

Or better yet, show her she is more important than work. As soon as the kids are in school, take her to Waffle House or Huddle House and take the rest of the day off. Then show her you can’t get enough and take her to dinner at Capital Grille.


While going to the old places will work on your first few husband and wife dinner dates, it would be best to discover new venues together. Your photos in new venues will look better on the pages of your Facebook photo albums.

Looking for new places to dine adds up to the challenge and excitement. The effort of choosing a restaurant based on what you think your partner would like is the first step to loving, caring and putting importance.

Going to new dining places gives you something to talk about and laugh about.

Marriage should never confine anyone’s identity to mom and dad. Married life should lead each one to earn other sweet love titles that can only be spoken in the privacy of the bedroom and the romantic dinner dates.

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