Best Restaurants for Celebrity Sightings in the USA

We all dress our best when we go to our favorite restaurants, because we do like to be seen. But that’s the same attitude that celebrities have when they’re dining out. As mere mortals, we gladly oblige and enjoy the instances when we’re lucky enough to see a star we only see in the movies, on TV, and online. But if you’re hooked on these sightings, you can increase your chances by making reservations at the following establishments:

South City Kitchen in Atlanta. Don’t be surprised by this, since a large number of TV shows and movies are made in Atlanta each year. In fact, this is where the last 3 Marvel movies were made, and 3 more are slated to follow. So it’s easy enough to find celebrities dining out in Atlanta. South City Kitchen a is particular favorite among actors, as its interpretation of traditional Southern cuisine is quite sophisticated and modern. Among the more recent sightings include Melissa McCarthy, Tom Hanks, Ben Affleck, and power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Sonsie in Boston. For more than 2 decades, Sonsie has reigned in the famed Newbury Street in Boston. The Red Sox city has always been a popular tourist attraction, and celebrities have made their pilgrimage as well. So quite a few superb restaurants have sprung up in the city, though Sonsie remains a favorite. Celebrity tourists as well as famous locals come to Sonsie for a taste of the international cuisine served by the award-winning chef Bill Poirier. Come for brunch, and sooner or later you’ll spot local hero Tom Brady along with his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen. Katie Holmes and Jon Hamm are regulars as well.

Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC. You’d think that in the nation’s capital the biggest fish would be the politicians. But since it’s campaign season, the politicos aren’t exactly staying put. But the celebs are out and about, especially in this chic Georgetown restaurant. This is the restaurant where the Obamas held their 17th anniversary celebration. But celebs come here for the rustic American cuisine, made tastier by the seasonal local ingredients. Famed diners who have made visits here include Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, Ben Affleck, and Tom Hanks.

Casa Vega in LA. While this is a favorite hangout of celebrities, sightings may not be all that easy. That’s because it’s not exactly brightly lit inside. In fact, it’s so dark that fans may not realize that their favorite actor of all time is busy munching on their food at the next table. And this anonymity granted to celebs has made it even more popular among the rich and famous. Still, you can always enjoy that authentic Mexican cuisine here that has made fans among celebs. These famous diners include Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis, Avril Lavigne, and Nicole Ritchie.

The Ivy in LA. Yes, it’s another LA restaurant. But then again, Hollywood is here. And if you’re on the lookout for celebs, The Ivy is a promising fishing spot. There’s something innately Hollywood about its country cottage decorative theme, but the modern American cuisine is a relief for celebrities tired of too much exotic fare. This combination of relaxing food and décor has made its parking lot the permanent spot for Jaguars, BMWs, and Hummers. Frequent sightings have been reported here of Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Reese Witherspoon. And supposedly, this is the favorite restaurant of Demi Moore.

Tao Asian Bistro in Las Vegas. Earlier this year this restaurant was reported as the highest grossing dining place in the whole US. It’s not hard to understand why, when you have trendy Asian fusion cuisine mixing with blackjack and other promotions. Taylor Swift and Bradley Cooper have both been diners here, and so have Wiz Khalifa, Nick Jonas, and Amy Adams.

75 Main in Southampton. It’s true that well-off New Yorkers (which include the celebs, naturally) like to migrate to the Hamptons for long weekends. That’s especially true during the summer season. But here at 75 Main, the presence of celebrities is a year-round affair. They’re all attracted to the lounge, impressive wine list, and the handmade pasta. Celeb fans are quite diverse here, from brainiac  VP Joe Biden and Jodie Foster to reality TV stars like the Kardashians (Kim and Kourtney), Paris Hilton, and Howard Stern. Then you also have Sara Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa.

So if you are enjoying a meal at one of the aforementioned restaurants and you see a celebrity, just play it cool, okay? Don’t harass them or ask to take a picture with them. Sometimes they just want to hang out and enjoy the food, just like the rest of us!

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