Three Meals Worth Every Penny in Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is, indeed, the happiest place on Earth! With a virtually unlimited budget, your trip to the world’s top theme park will be even better
when you enjoy its most expensive meals.

You are probably asking the million-dollar question: Why spend more than $250/person on a meal when you can spend it on more affordable yet equally filling
meals and snacks for an entire family? You have to keep in mind that you are not just paying for satisfying food – you are paying for an unforgettable
dining experience that only Walt Disney World imagineers can dream up!

My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party

Make your own princess’ dreams come true! In Walt Disney World, My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party is among the most popular with little girls
in the 3 to 9 age cohort. The program, after all, is an enchanting mix of princess-themed entertainment, delicious food and drinks, and personalized gifts
for the pampered princesses!

For you and your little girl, you will pay $333.64 including tax and tips (i.e., gratuity). You have to pay for any additional child and adult – a whopping
$234.98 for each child and $98.66 for each adult.

Girls are also encouraged to dress up in their finest princess gowns, such as Cinderella, Aurora, and Elsa, to get into the spirit of the event. Even the
adults can be in their fantasy princess ensemble but are advised to keep it wholesome.

The memorable princess experience starts with each girl being announced individually by their names, presented with an Aurora tiara, and seated
comfortably. You need not worry about your petite girl being seated at the back as the staff ensures each girl has an excellent view of the goings-on in
the room’s center. Your little girl will also be assigned an alternate name, usually as a princess of a flower.

And then the magical whirlwind of activities starts! Food and beverages are served in dainty dinnerware; entertainers provide the kids and adults with
memorable performances; and personalized gifts are presented to each girl. Your girl will get an exquisite Aurora doll, a princess bracelet, a tiara, and a
necklace as well as fresh rose.

Yes, you can bring your boys, too!

Victoria and Albert’s Chefs Table

Adults will also have their sophisticated fare at the Victoria and Albert’s Chefs Table, a restaurant awarded the coveted Five Diamond award from AAA. Your
dining experiences starts from the maître d’ and service staff members’ world-class services to the uber-fantastic food choices. You will never see Walt
Disney World as the happiest place for kids only ever again after eating here!

Keep in mind that the Victoria and Albert’s Chefs Table is an establishment fit for a king and queen – and so its prices are for royalty, too. You can
enjoy a seven-course dinner for just $135/person or $210 for the same dinner with wine pairings. Your cutting-edge contemporary cuisine experience will be
more memorable amidst the elegant Victorian-themed décor.

If you have the budget, you can step up the dining experience with the $250/person 12 to 14-course meal served inside a private table set in the
restaurant’s kitchen; the price jacks up to $355 with wine pairings. Your every need and want will be attended to, not to mention that you can watch the
chefs at work.

You can also bring the kids but they have to be 1o years old and above. Your kids can order the exotic creations, too, but they also have the chance to ask
the chef to make customized meals for as long as the ingredients are present in the pantry.

If you are celebrating a special occasion with just 10 in your group, you can book for a table in advance.

California Grill

Don’t be fooled by the apparently generic name. California Grill is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Walt Disney World. You have the best views
of the Magic Kingdom from the restaurant, which has contemporary décor in bright colors and open views to the stainless steel kitchen.

California Grill is not your usual grill restaurant either. Your dishes and desserts are made from the freshest ingredients while the menu itself caters to
a wide range of tastes. Your choices include fish – think sushi in several variations – lamb and bison with prices starting at $35 for every dish.

You can also bring the kids without worrying about the menu being too sophisticated for their tastes. Your kids can choose from several delicious beef,
chicken and pasta dishes with prices starting at $14 for the entrees. Your group will love the breathtaking views of the Wishes from the restaurant, too,
especially with the dim lights.

Walt Disney World has consistently strived to be the happiest place on Earth for kids and adults alike as well as for singles, couples, and groups. You
should visit it at least once in your lifetime and enjoy the dining experiences detailed here.

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