Best Food Items to Pair with a Cup of Coffee

America is a nation of coffee drinkers. Did you know that 100 million Americans drink coffee every day? In fact, regular coffee drinkers drink an average of at least 3 cups a day. But you have to admit that sometimes it’s better when you have the right food to match up with your java.

So what food items are best to pair with your brewed coffee? Here are some of the best candidates you need to try:

Toast. Millions of people know the simple pleasure of toast and coffee to start a morning right. But for a truly stupendous pairing, you need some special toast for your coffee.

You can get that wonderful toast in Seattle by visiting Arabica Lounge where the Stumptown coffee roaster will set you right. Or you can enjoy the toast at Toby’s Estate when you’re in Brooklyn. San Francisco denizens actually have two places for fantastic toast: Trouble and The Mill.

Plain cake donut. Of course donuts will make the list. After all, how can generations of cops be wrong? But there’s something to be said about the simplicity of matching your coffee with the classic plain cake. Of course, it also matters where you get that plain cake donut. If you’re ever in LA, you need to visit Randy’s Donuts just for a taste of their version of the plain cake donut. In fact, you can visit the city just for this. When you’re landing into LAX, be on the lookout for that famous giant donut sign for Randy’s.

Coffee cake. By its name alone, it seems like an obvious choice, isn’t it? Coffee cake is a very popular dessert, but it just seems so lonely to just order coffee cake without its traditional coffee partner. Now lots of places offer great coffee cake all over the country, but you have to try the one in Glo’s Café. You can find it in Seattle in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The best thing about this is that when you’re still wide awake at 2 AM in the morning, it’s available for everyone. The coffee cake is just right here—it’s not too sweet and not too flaky.

Beignet. This is fried dough liberally topped with powdered sugar, and it’s perfect for cutting the bitterness of coffee. And if you want some really fantastic magic, you need to try beignet dunked in chicory coffee. So where’s the best place to try this pairing? Try Café Du Monde in New Orleans. The sugary concoction in this place is just magical, while Louisiana is the epicenter of chicory coffee consumption.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich. Well, we’re not talking about just any ordinary BEC sandwich. We’re talking about the New York version, which transplanted New Yorkers miss most and which newcomers to the city need to try out in the morning. You don’t need a special restaurant for it. In fact, you’re best served by the nearest stand-alone sidewalk food cart. Your sandwich can be ready and just a few moments. Just drink this with coffee in hand and it’s perfect. It doesn’t have to be a special type of coffee either—any brewed coffee will do. But for the quintessential look, do try to have your coffee outdoors in an Anthora cup.

Amsterdam Wafel. A few years ago, the stroopwafel was a food trend in the US. That actually amused and bemused people in the Netherlands where the stroopwafel is as common as donuts and burgers in the US. Nowadays you can still get the Rip van Wafels Amsterdam Wafel with your coffee. Just because it’s not trendy anymore doesn’t mean that the pairing is no longer delightful. For this pairing to work, you have to put the wafel over your cup of coffee. Then wait for the famed “stroop droop”, when the wafel becomes soft and it curls over the edges. Now you can really enjoy the wafel, as your senses are befuddled by the coffee aroma it has absorbed.

Bran Muffin. Ask your nutritionist, and they’ll probably say that you need more fiber in your diet. If that’s the case, you need to start your day right with coffee and a bran muffin. For best results, do try the Bran Muffin at Random Order, which you can find in Portland, New England. That bran muffin is legendary with its nutmeg, coconut, cardamom, and raspberries.

If you’re drinking black coffee, it’s best to match it up with something natural and savory. It can be salty or sweet, but the taste has to be strong to match up properly. But if you want your coffee with milk, then your coffee is much lighter, and so should the food you match it with. When you’re having a cappuccino or a flat white, a pastry is the way to go. And if you’re not sure—ask the barista!

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