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Best Barbecue Restaurants in Northridge CA

Firing up the grill and cooking up a barbecue is as much a part of the American culture as fireworks on the fourth of July. This fact can be attested by the many barbecue restaurants across the country. No matter what state you find yourself in, you’re sure to find a barbecue food joint. Northridge, CA is no exception to this. So, where do you find the best grilled food items in this location?

1. Smokin’ Willies BBQ Truck

The wonderful thing about barbecues is that you don’t need any fancy dining to enjoy it. Smokin’ Willies proves just that. This popular chain of food trucks started off offering bottled sauces, barbecue equipment and books before venturing into the street food scene in 2010. Offering a unique side to barbecues, this food truck brings affordable and delicious items right on the streets.

Specializing in “barbecue light” they offer shredded chicken, meatballs, pulled pork and shredded spicy chicken with a mild smoky flavor. All these are topped with a Texan- influenced sauce fit for Californian taste buds and served on Hoagie buns or tacos. Along with these customers can find Chipotle, baked beans, coleslaw salad and potato salad to go with their taco or sandwich.

2. Wood Ranch Barbeque and Grill

Established in 1995 this started out as a project of two friends. Renovating an old barbeque restaurant, they soon found a loyal clientele and success. It was from here that other branches throughout California leading to a chain of restaurants. Throughout their years of service they’ve won the hearts of many. Named as Barbecue King and cited for the Best Barbecue in Los Angeles Times, they’ve also been noted for their excellent kids menu.

Customers have a wide variety of food to choose from including separate lunch and dinner menus. Take out specials and catering selections are also available, as well as gluten free dishes. Steaks, sandwiches, burgers and salads are among favorites of patrons. The positive feedback and reviews along with their food and service is what keeps people coming back.

3. Roger’s Rib Shack

A favorite among locals, there is much to love about this restaurant that offers casual dining and delicious home-style meals. Its owner and namesake Roger hails from the South. The restaurant’s menu is composed of his much loved family recipes that were passed down from generations. This is noticeable in the dishes that emit that comforting home cooked feeling.

Roger’s rib shack offers a wide range of food items that is perfect even for families. Patrons come back for their smoked ribs that are often served with their “killa” sauce. Their sweet potato casserole and mac and cheese are big hits with kids. Other food choices include sandwiches, brisket, fried corn and other home cooked delicacies often found in the south. All their dishes are served in-house, for take away and for delivery.

4. Dickey’s barbecue pit

Tracing its roots back to Dallas, Texas founder Travis Dickey opened the first branch of Dickey’s in 1941 after perfecting his barbecue recipe. The first menu had a very limited offering- brisket, barbecue beans, pit hams, potato chips, beer, bottled milk and sodas was all there was. Despite this, the business stayed strong dickey’s sons eventually took over. Without forgetting about their father’s legacy for quality hickory smoked meats, they set out to expand their enterprise.

Today, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit branch still cooks their barbecue the same old fashioned way. The current menu has grown to include many other southern dishes. Pulled pork, honey glazed ham, spicy cheddar sausages, polish sausage and turkey breast keep customers coming back for more. Side dishes have also grown in variety and include Caesar salad, fried okra, green beans with bacon and baked potato casserole to name a few. Meat platters, family packs and kids’ menus are also among the things that continually make this restaurant a family favorite for many.

5. Rosie’s BBQ House

Located in the center of Northridge, CA this restaurant has been around through the years and has become a go-to place for many locals. Although its location and appearance has not changed much through the years, many continue to patronize this restaurant. Specializing in Mesquite Grilled BBQ, they offer BBQ chicken, Baby Back Pork Ribs and Meaty Beef Ribs. Their Tri-Tip Chili also has customers coming back regularly.

Aside from their barbecue offerings, Rosie’s also has a variety of other dishes to choose from. In fact, their barbecue dishes are just a portion of the entire menu. Appetizers include calamari, shrimp, fries, potato skins and more. Regular lunch and dinner menus include sandwiches, soups, salads, sides, burgers, wraps and desserts. If you’re looking to take food out, you may also want to try their picnic packages. Whether you want barbecue or something else, Rosie’s will have something for you.

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