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Making the most of the unlimited food and drink is doable, especially if you know how to prepare for it.  Buffets are especially delicious and the smorgasbord of flavors is so hard to resist.  Places like Old Country BuffetHometown Buffet, Golden Corral, and Sweet Tomatoes offer amazing dishes and a very long selection of food.

However, a lot of people think that they can’t make the most of the buffet that’s why they shy away from it.  There are ways of eating in a buffet and get total value for your buck.  Here are ways to maximize your money in a buffet.


Prepare for a buffet well, and not by starving yourself beforehand.  Best to eat a light and nutritious meal before your buffet dinner and make sure that you are well hydrated throughout the day.  This is important so that your body is well primed to digest all the food that you are about to consume.

For you to fully prepare for an eating marathon, make sure that you are doing this if your body can allow it.  If you are suffering from diabetes or cholesterol issues, then eating at a buffet is not a good idea.

Read the fine print

Most buffets advertise super low prices at the door to entice customers.  If you decide to avail of it, then make sure that you read the conditions of the terms “all-you-can-eat.”  Make sure of what the inclusions are.

Ask the staff about the inclusions of the buffet.  Check if the buffet allows sharing and includes unlimited drinks.  Also, ask if the buffet price includes tax and service charge.

Making sure of the price will spare you from getting shocked when you get the bill.

Eat the expensive items first

Most buffets make more profits from the cheaper items like rice, pasta, vegetables or noodles.  It’s best to get the more expensive items first like steak or beef ribs, and then work your way down to the less expensive items.

It is also good to start with a small bowl of soup to warm you up.  You can also start with a glass of water to open up your gastric muscles and tone down the acid.

Stay slow and steady

Tackling all the food on the buffet table might be overwhelming and confusing.  It can also be exciting and make you want to eat a lot as soon as possible.  When taking on the food, make sure that you eat slowly and steadily.  This will make sure that your energy levels are constant.

For you to last longer in a buffet, take small portions of everything.  This will enable you to eat more and try different items without you feeling too full.

Go to the toilet whenever you can

Usually the food marathon will make you go to the bathroom in between courses.  It is best to go as you need it.  Don’t hold it in because you will feel fuller than usual and won’t be able to consume as much as possible.

It is also not healthy to hold in bathroom breaks till you get home.  Just make sure to wash your hands before facing your food battle.

Don’t skip on dessert

Since buffets offer a complete course meal, from soups to desserts, make sure that you don’t skip the dessert bar.  Take your dessert when you’re almost full, not when you’re ready to call it a day.

Taking on a dessert will also help remove the feeling of drowsiness because the sweet cakes will help stabilize your blood sugar. A cup of coffee or tea will also help get rid of the drowsy feeling.

Always munch on fruit

If your friends still want to stay and chat, best to munch on fruit and take as much fiber as possible.  This will help you expel the calories that you just consumed. Eating fruit will also help you cleanse your body.  Take lots of water too and ensure a workout the next day.

Bring an antacid

Since eating a lot might cause indigestion, make sure that you have a couple of antacid tablets in your pocket.  The buffet should be enjoyable and not a reason to get sick.  Order a cup of peppermint tea, and ease your tummy problems after your hefty meal.

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