11 Breakfast Places You Must NOT Miss

Of all the meals you’ll end up eating during the day, breakfast is probably the one you should take most seriously. But since we’re usually running around in the morning to get ready for work, it’s easy to take breakfast for granted. So instead of a filling breakfast taken at a leisurely pace, we usually end up with a piece of almost-burnt toast and some instant coffee (on a to-go cup, of course).

But there are times when you deserve REALLY good breakfast, because there’s nothing that will power you up more for the rest of the day. Here are 11 must-visit breakfast restaurants all over the country:

11. The View at Mirror Lake Inn (Lake Placid, New York)

How would you like to have your breakfast while staring at the breathtaking views of Lake Placid as well as the lovely Adirondack mountains? You’ll surely
enjoy their AAA four diamond menu with delectable items like the Brioche French toast and Lobster Eggs Benedict.

 10. RIVUE Restaurant and Lodge (Louisville, Kentucky)

A revolving restaurant that gives you a 360-degree view of the Ohio River, your breakfast at RIVUE will surely be one you will always remember. Their
French-American Brunch menu includes Quiche, made-to-order Waffles, and Vegetable du jour.

 9. Serendipity 3 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

New York’s famous Serendipity is now in Las Vegas, and it brought its whimsical desserts and mouth-watering breakfast food along with it. From the decadent
Frrrozen Hot Chocolate to the Bigger-than-your-head pancakes, the items you’ll find in Serendipity 3 are almost too good to be true.

 8. Au Cheval (Chicago, Illinois)

A Michelin restaurant that also happens to be a diner, Au Cheval is definitely a foodie’s haven. Prepare to see your favorite breakfast foods like never
before, because in Au Cheval you’ll get crispy potato hash with duck heart gravy, omelette with roasted peppers, espellette & fresh chevre, and even
foie gras & scrambled eggs.

7. Capitol Grille at Hermitage Hotel (Nashville, Tennessee)

Return to the century-old Hermitage Hotel to pay homage to historic southern cuisine and get your breakfast fix while you’re at it. Be sure to try the
Tennessee ‘Jack’ Egg Sandwich (who says whiskey and toast don’t mix?) and other items like Sock Sausage Biscuits and the Vanilla Bean Belgian Waffle.

6. Benton Park Café (St. Louis, Missouri)

Cure any hangover in this wonderful restaurant in St. Louis, where you can eat 4 different types of pizza (classic, meat, veggie, and Build Your Own Pizza)
for breakfast. You can also try the Ultimate Benedict (2 poached eggs, toasted English muffin, ham, and hollandaise sauce).

5. Sierra Mar (Big Sur, California)

Breakfast on top of a 1,200-ft cliff with a view of the Pacific Ocean? Why not! This heart-stopping view is exactly what you’ll get at the award-winning
Sierra Mar, where breakfast becomes the ultimate special occasion. Gourmet buffet breakfast is complementary for guests at the Post Ranch Inn, so why don’t
you make it a trip to remember?

4. Creole Kitchen (Columbus, Ohio)

If you want a breakfast full of delicious Creole favorites, drop into Ohio’s best-kept secret. The Beignets are to die for and should not be missed, but
you can also go for other items like the quiches, the pancakes, and the Egg Basin Street on Rice Patties with Red Beans & Andouille Poached Eggs and
Beamaise Sauce. Now that’s a mouthful.

3. Mastoris Diner-Restaurant (Bordentown, New Jersey)

Mastoris is the king of all the New Jersey diners, and you get free homemade cheese and cinnamon pastries to start with. You can get the Club Breakfast
Specials served with your choice of fruit juice or cereal, but you can also order items off the skillet (e.g. Florentine Omelet, Nova Scotia Lox with 2
Eggs) or the griddle (e.g. Apple Cinnamon pancakes, French Toasted Homemade Biscuits).

2. Cinderella’s Royal Table (Lake Buena Vista, Florida)

Kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy having breakfast at their very own castle. This whimsical storybook setting is the perfect place to have the royal
breakfast treatment that you deserve, and what you’re paying for is not just the great food but also the experience.

 1. El Tovar Dining Room (Grand Canyon, Arizona)

Start your day right with a filling breakfast, and gaze at the jaw-dropping Grand Canyon while you’re at it. Situated almost a mile above the canyon floor,
you can have the El Tovar Arizona Prime Rib Hash, the Southwest Quesadilla, or some Housemade Banana Bread French Toast. You can also get the Pumpkin
Belgian Waffle with Chocolate Chips & Vanilla Whipped Cream, or perhaps some Honey Smoked Salmon with Toasted Whole Wheat Bagel & Herb Cream
Cheese. Pair this with premium selections of hot tea, Belgian hot chocolate, or coffee, and you’re on your way to breakfast heaven.

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