America’s Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants have been getting a beating lately due to the rise in the country’s obesity problem. But nearly everyone we know loves fast food so we might as well know which restaurant to go to in order to satisfy our food cravings and still be healthy. That said, we’ve surveyed the country’s biggest fast food chains and found the ones that we deem to be healthy.

1. Jason’s Deli

This up and comer has a strong devotion to organic foods and in fact, about 20% of all their ingredients are organic, including whole wheat wraps, blue corn tortilla chips, salad greens, spinach and a lot more. They also have creative salad choices that actually make you want to try them. You can find Jason’s Deli locations in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, West and the South.

2. Noodles and Company

This fast food restaurant isn’t your typical Asian joint because it cuts out the grease by using soybean oil. You can also choose between Asian, American and Mediterannean cuisine+ a choice of noodle bowl. You can also add lean proteins – all healthy and chemical free.Another great thing about dining at Noodles and Company is that you can request for a small portion. Their Bangkok Curry bowl only has 250 calories so you get a filling meal without having to worry about weight gain.

3. Chipotle

With over 800 locations around the country, Chipotle certainly gives you a healthy reason to sample their buffet style offers. They give you complete control over what to eat and their ingredients are locally sourced and very fresh. In addition, their entrees are low in sodium and they also use organic ingredients and antibiotic-free meats. Just make sure you don’t go overboard when filling your plate. Buffets have the tendency to make you do that.

4. Panera Bread

This bakery-café eatery has a very comprehensive menu of healthy food. For example, you can choose from 2 whole grain breads and pick an apple with it. They make it easy for everyone to control portion sizes be because they have half-size of everything. Even kids can enjoy healthy meals with their RD-approved squeezable organic PB&J, yogurt, and grilled organic cheese.

5. Einstein Bros. Bagels

You might be shocked that Einstein Bros. Bagels made it to our list but we actually have a good reason for it. You see, although bagels are high in carbohydrates, it’s the butter and cream cheese that makes it bad for our health.So, chain introduced healthier alternatives such as hummus, peanut butter, and low fat shmears. You can also order the Good Grains bagel which has 4g of fiber. You can also order half size salads. Now that you know there are healthy fast food you can eat, why don’t you head on over to any one of these places so you can munch on some of your favorite meals? Don’t worry, they’re going to be good for your health!

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