American Deli Menu Prices

American Deli Menu Prices
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American Deli menu prices at your fingertips. American Deli is a casual diner that specializes in American cuisine and offers a wide array of burgers, sandwiches and seafood. While they serve different meals the place is particularly known for its chicken wings and fish. However, the company is increasing its menu options all the time.

Below are the latest American Deli menu prices.


Chicken Finger

Chicken Finger (4-piece)443$5.99



Wing & Philly

Wing & Philly (5-piece)657-1034$9.49




Fish Whiting (2-piece)240$5.59
Fish Whiting (3-piece)360$6.99
Fish Whiting (4-piece)480$8.39
Fish Tilapia (2-piece)335$6.59
Fish Tilapia (3-piece)502.5$7.99
Fish Tilapia (4-piece)670$9.39


Beef or Chicken697-678$5.49


Shrimp (8-piece)525$6.49


Corn Beef604$5.49


Lamb, Beef or Chicken421-280$5.49

Fried Rice

Fried Rice with Egg, Carrot & Peas584$3.49
Fried Rice with Egg, Carrot & Peas with Shrimp, Beef or Chicken1224$5.48


Chef or Tuna (Small)544$4.99
Chef or Tuna (Large)626$5.99
Grilled Chicken (Small)433$5.49
Grilled Chicken (Large)655$5.99
Garden (Small)231$3.99
Garden (Large)574$4.99

Wing Order

5 piece Wings657$4.49
10 piece Wings1314$7.99
15 piece Wings1971$11.49
20 piece Wings2628$14.99
30 piece Wings3942$21.99
40 piece Wings5256$28.49
50 piece Wings6570$34.99
75 piece Wings9855$50.99
100 piece Wings13140$67.99

10PC Wing Special

10PC Wing with Cherry, Blue Cheese, French Fries & Drink1580$8.99

All Order

Extra Fries456$1.00
Medium Drink160$0.50
5-PC Wings657$4.49
Side Order of Fries (SM)266$2.34
Side Order of Fries (MD)456$3.74
Side Order of Fries (LG)634$5.49


Soft Drinks (MD)120$1.63
Soft Drinks (LG)260$2.34

American Deli prices are about average for this kind of restaurant, with their wings priced from $4.49 9 (5 pieces) to $67 for one hundred pieces. Their 10 Piece Wing Special costs $8.99 and their tuna salad at $4.99. The restaurant has a number of restaurants including Grilled Chicken which costs $5.49 while their fried rice with egg, peas, shrimp and chicken is priced at $5.48.

American Deli was established in 1989 when their first restaurant was opened in Atlanta at South Dekalb Mall. Because American Deli prices were so reasonable, not to mention the fact that the food is good, people patronized it and new locations were opened.

Today there are more than 80 locations around Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Mississippi, and each one bears the signature flavors and recipes the diner is famous for. Because they have proven to be so popular, there is a plan to expand its operations and add more locations.

For more information about American Deli, please visit their website.

Last Updated: December 25, 2015 10:52 am

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American Deli Menu Prices
4.3 (86.67%) 18 votes

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