Alinea Menu Prices

Alinea Menu Prices
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Alinea is the only Chicago-based restaurant that has been awarded the Michelin 3-star rating. It is a non-conventional restaurant that offers a seasonal tasting menu of about 18 to 22 course and specializes in providing an innovative twist to modern cuisine. One of the coveted characteristics of the restaurant is their “Alinea Experience” which allows patrons and diners to not only taste the food but to also feel the emotions associated with the food.

Besides the exciting molecular gastronomy experience and the beautiful food presentation, Alinea’s ability to make everyone’s food fantasy come to life can be the reason why their prices are a bit high. As there are no individual meals, customers are presented with 22 courses that start at $210. Alinea also offers the best range of wines and standard glass costs at around $135, going up to $195 for special or reserved pairing.

Below are the latest Alinea menu prices.


Alinea's Main Menu

This is a sample of a tasting menu at Alinea. Tasting menus vary by season and product availability. Typical Prices Range from $210 to $275 per person

Steelhead Roe$210 & up
King Crab$210 & up
Razor Clam$210 & up
Scallop$210 & up
Burn Morels$210 & up
Lamb$210 & up
Squab$210 & up
Ginger$210 & up
Balloon$210 & up
Oyster Leaf$210 & up
Lobster$210 & up
Woolly Pig$210 & up
Otoro$210 & up
Hot Potato$210 & up
Black Truffle$210 & up
Anjou Pear$210 & up
Blueberry$210 & up
White Chocolate$210 & up

Owned by Chef Grant Achatz since 2004, many people eat here to celebrate special occasions because of the intimacy and sophistication of the ambiance of the restaurant. Highly regarded as part of the “50 Best Restaurants in the World”, Alinea is truly an amazing place to bring family, loved ones, and friends. Why even acclaimed food critic Sam Sifton of the New York Times believes money is well-spent in this one-of-a-kind restaurant due to the core philosophy it brings and that is food should be considered as delicious and fun.

For more information about Alinea Restaurant, visit their official website.

Last Updated: November 17, 2017 7:14 pm

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Alinea Menu Prices
5 (100%) 1 vote

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