8 Desserts You That Will Leave You Wanting More

Nothing will complete a heavy and satisfying meal more than a sumptuous dessert, and there are a lot of these to be sure. If you have ever been to Hooters or The Cheesecake Factory, you’ll know that desserts are big business as people take them seriously. Now if you’re wondering which desserts America craves for, here’s the top eight.


1. Fudge

chocolate-fudge-piecesWho can resist the taste of fudge? Basic fudge is made up of butter, sugar and milk, and it is known for its creamy consistency. Proof of the fact that this is a popular American dessert is the fact that it comes in different versions like fruit, maple, peanut butter and chocolate fudge, making it a treat for young and old alike.

2. Chocolate Cake

chocolate-cake-sliceNo surprise here, the chocolate cake ranks near the top, or at the top, of most people’s favorite desserts. Available in endless varieties, it is the ultimate comfort and party food for many.


3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate-chip-cookiesIt’s very hard to find a place where they don’t serve some variant of chocolate chip cookies for dessert, and that’s understandable since these tasty treats have become a fixture in the American meal. Whether they are crunchy, chewy or topped with other confectionary, these cookies are bound to please.

4. Brownies

chocolate-brownie-slicesThe classic brownies are flat, square bars, and it is best described as something between a cookie and a cake. Some people like them fudgy, while others prefer the cakey type, as it all depends on how they are prepared. Brownies may be topped with chocolate chips, whipped cream or frosting, and since the early 20th century have consistently remained popular.

5. Ice Cream

ice-cream-dishWho doesn’t like ice cream? Almost everyone does, not just in America but many countries around the world. The most popular flavors are vanilla and chocolate but there are endless variations available including fruits, nuts, and ice cream ingredients vary throughout the world. But one thing’s certain, and it’s that with kids and many adults, few can beat ice cream for a cool treat to beat the summer heat.

6. Apple Pie

slice-apple-pieMaybe apple pie didn’t originate in America (it came from England), but that doesn’t change the fact that the apple pie has become synonymous with the US and since it came to the mainland in the 1780s numerous recipes have appeared. Not only is apple pie delicious, but they’re nutritious too.


7. Carrot Cake

slice-carrot-cakeSpeaking of nutritious desserts, how about the carrot cake? If you’re looking for a tasty treat but don’t want something too sweet, then give this a try. Now this is one dessert you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

8. Cheesecakes

strawberry-cheesecake-sliceEveryone likes cheese and cake, which helps explain why these are so popular. Cheesecakes in fact, have become so in demand that their variants continue to grow, and now you can have them with chocolate syrup, fruit sauce or other flavorings.

These then, are the eight most popular American desserts, and yes, any of them is good enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. So next time you got a longing for dessert, you know what to get.

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