7 Outrageously Expensive Breakfast Meals You Can Try

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day because it can provide a person with enough energy he’ll need to last him the whole day. Whether a person prefers to eat oatmeal with Chia seeds or a complete English breakfast to start his day, the main idea is to eat something truly delicious to put a smile on his face. But, how much are you willing to spend to get that wonderful breakfast?

For a true breakfast lover with lots of cash to blow, the sky is the limit when it comes to their beloved meal of the day. With price tag ranging from $60 to the outrageously steep $38,000, these preferred and luxurious breakfast meals can put a regular brunch to shame.

Here is a list of seven of the most expensive breakfast menu items rich people were willing to pay for just to get the out of this world brekky they deserve.

#7 The $60 Cinderella’s Royal Table Breakfast from Disney World in Florida

If you wish to feel like a princess or royalty for a day, start your day right with a royal breakfast treatment complete with a castle, breakfast table, and a banquet. The full-course breakfast meal at Cinderella’s banquet offers a decadent pastry plate of appetizers and a savory, choose your own entrée. Be prepared to show your best curtsy as your breakfast companions are none other than all the Disney princesses themselves.

#6 Gull’s Egg Omelet for $150 at Boisdale, London in the United Kingdom

As the eggs used for this exotic omelet comes from a rare black-headed gull, it comes as no surprise that a serving will cost like a steak meal. Held only for about six weeks by authorized and licensed collectors, these eggs are too exotic to waste. Add in a few more high-end ingredients such as Scottish lobster, crabs, English asparagus, Italian truffles, and a splash of expensive champagne, this egg dish is truly a meal for the rich.

#5 The $200 Most Luxurious English Breakfast from the Feversham Arms Hotel in Yorkshire

While this breakfast meal is good for two, spending $100 per head on the first meal of the day is too steep for most commoners. However, if you don’t mind the price and would rather enjoy the Balik salmon, duck eggs, crème fraiche, Oscetra caviar, and several mini brioche, then by all means, splurge. Don’t forget to have a sip of Laurent Perrier champagne which accompanies the meal itself.

#4 The $256 Bacon Bling from the Tangberry’s Coffee House in Great Britain

If you are truly hungry and looking for something that has bacon on it, fly away to England and have yourself a huge serving of Bacon Bling sandwich. The classic bacon and egg sandwich is nothing but ordinary with a twist of gold dust, gold leaf, truffle oil, black truffles, rare breed bacon, and saffron. However, do not fret as the proceeds received from the various customers who have ordered this golden monstrosity will be given to the SKRUM and Regular Forces Employment Association members.

#3 $1685 Krispy Kreme “Most Expensive Doughnut in the World” in UK

In commemoration with National Doughnut Week, this incredible lavishly fried dough is a sight to see and a scary breakfast treat to eat. Topped with a 24-carat golden leaf, filled with jelly made from Dom Perignon champagne, covered in white chocolate flowers with gold dusting and the incredibly delicious edible diamonds. This was won by a doughnut fanatic while a part of the proceeds was given to a children charity for brain injury.

#2 $37,600 Breakfast at West End’s in the famed Breakfast at Tiffany’s

When “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was released, it coincided with the serving of the most expensive breakfast known all over the globe. The feast was hosted by French black raspberry liqueur Chambord even before Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, was brought to life. The steeply priced breakfast included edible gold covered croissant, Bar le Duc red currant jam, champagne with Chambord cocktail, and a Kopi Luwak coffee after.

#1 Breakfast with the Prime Minister of Australia

Tony Abbott showed everyone how to truly spend for breakfast as he was served with not only one, but two expensive breakfasts. The first one was when people needed to pay a one-time offer of $11,000 to have breakfast with him. The second instance was when he auctioned in the Brisbane Produce Markets Charity Auction last 2010, of which a certain Sam Coco paid $38,400 for a box of mangoes which were later donated to the Mater Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane.

While it is intriguing to learn about how much people have paid for breakfast, nothing beats good, old fashioned American breakfast that is usually served in fast food chain restaurants like IHOP. The bacon and eggs combos only cost less than $9 while a customer may opt to have a full meal for less than $20.

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