Atlanta' Best Mexican Hotspots

7 Best Latin Infused Mexican Cuisine in Atlanta, Georgia

Millions of people around the world are drawn to the scrumptious taste of Latin infused Mexican cuisines because not only are they unique to the palate, these cuisines could also warm the heart.

If you are traveling to Atlanta, Georgia soon, make sure to check out Bahama Breeze restaurant. Afterwards try other types of cuisines available for you in this city. Here are your top seven options.

1. Cinco Restaurant

Cinco Restaurant tops the list among those who are not only looking for the best tasting dishes, but also those who want to experience lavish dining at an affordable price.

Cinco Restaurant is best known for their wide selections of authentic Mexican dishes that are prepared using only the finest ingredients and served with a twist. The concept store in Atlanta also boasts of a beautiful ambiance that is perfect for all-day indoor dining.

2. Dos Madres Cantina

Dos Madres Cantina is another top selection for Latin infused Mexican restaurants in Georgia.

This place serves the heftiest servings of various types of Mexican cuisines you can easily be addicted to. Dos Madres Cantina serves their own version of the Carne Asada Tacos that is filled with meat and other choice ingredients.

Other than this, the restaurant also serves the Baja Pescado, a type of fish that is a crowd favorite at this restaurant.

3. Rosa Mexicano

For anything Mexican-cum-Latin, head to Rosa Mexicano in Atlanta, Georgia. This restaurant is best known for their wide selections of three-course sharing menus that are truly perfect for big groups of families, colleagues, or friends.

At Rosa Mexicano, guests could also enjoy an array of food and drink selections, including the tasty short ribs, soft burritos, pomegranate margaritas and a whole lot more.

4. Mi Cocina

Mi Cocina is the place to be for guests who want to enjoy enchiladas, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, salads and more.

Located at the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Mi Cocina is perfect for those who want to dine during busy lunch hours or even after work. Other than their wide selection of appetizers, Mi Cocina also boasts of a handful of choice selections when it comes to their main course.

Some of their bestsellers include the Bean Chulapa, Spicy Arrachera Steak Tamales, Queso Blanco with Picadillo Beef and more.

5. Nuevo Laredo Cantina

Nuevo Laredo Cantina is carefully tucked away in the West side of town. This restaurant is highly recommended among guests who want to eat and drink at the same time. The popularity of Nuevo Laredo Cantina cannot be denied as the restaurant is usually packed with people on Friday evenings.

If you want to try authentic Mexican dishes with a twist, then better reserve a table at Nuevo Laredo Cantina before it runs out.

6. Holy Taco

It is not difficult to figure out what Holy Taco serves best. The tacos at this upscale Mexican restaurant are definitely the bomb! Don’t fret though because there are several different types of tacos served at this place, including their fried catfish taco, braised bacon taco and more.

7. Takorea

Everything at Takorea spells yum! This restaurant is home to the most unique Mexican cuisines you can ever find in Atlanta, Georgia. Takorea serves their famous The Fried Elvis, Chicken Bop and more.

If you are traveling to Atlanta, Georgia make sure to check out these Mexican restaurants that are infused with a tinge of Latin culture and flavor. This way, you will never get tired of eating the same types of food over and over again.

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