6 Delicious Burgers for Billionaires

There was a time in the US when millionaires were considered the upper echelons of society. Nowadays, being a millionaire is nothing special. An owner of a 2-3 gas stations is worth at least a million bucks. You need 3 extra zeroes in your net worth to actually make a splash in the Finance section of magazines and newspapers. There are now an estimated 1,826 billionaires in the world according to Forbes, and that’s not counting the various monarchs and members of royal families.

If you happen to be a billionaire, then you can certainly afford any of the hamburgers we’ve featured on this list of the most expensive burgers. Burgers are one of the most accessible food items in the world today, and they’re supposed to be reasonably priced. In the US, the price of a Big Mac is just $3.99 but add a little change in the ingredients, and you can have a burger with a truly mind-boggling price tag.

  1. The Grand Burger. Let’s start with The Grand Burger, which is actually somewhat affordable for many folks. This is the creation of the McGuire Irish Pub down in Pensacola, Florida, and it’s worth a hundred bucks (25 Big Macs). The price is $100 because the patty is made from filet mignon, after all. Also, you get a side of caviar instead of French fries, along with a bottle of Moët Imperial.
  2. DB Royale Double Truffle Burger. This isn’t always available at the DB Bistro Moderne in New York, as you can only get during the fall and winter season. But when it’s on the menu you’ll need to fork over $140 for the privilege. That’s the equivalent of 35 Big Macs.  The DB in the DB Royale Double Truffle Burger stands for Daniel Boulud, who’s a French chef and restaurant owner with establishments all over the world—and 7 of his restaurants are in New York City. Between the buns, you have ground sirloin, with foie gras, braised short ribs, and truffle. Then you get 2 more layers of truffle on top. When you have delicacies like truffles infusing your burgers, you know there’s a price you have to pay!
  3. Le Burger Extravagant. What is it with NYC and expensive burgers? Now this extravagant burger (it’s in French so it sounds classier) can be ordered in Serendipity 3, all for just $295. That’s not counting the tip, and it’s the price equivalent of 73½ Big Macs. Of course, it doesn’t taste like Big Macs at all, since the meat is Wagyu, which is the most expensive beef of them all. It’s also filled with caviar, black truffles, and white truffle butter. Even the cheddar is special, because it’s cave-aged. The whole thing is held together by a special gold toothpick that’s encrusted with diamonds—and no, we’re not kidding.
  4. $777 Burger. This time we’re in Las Vegas, and here the Paris Las Vegas has made sure that you know how much its special burger costs. That’s the price of almost 195 Big Macs, but the burger is good for one. You need get a bottle of Dom Perignon before you can order the $777 Burger, but a look at the ingredients shows you why that’s actually a good idea. The burger starts with a nice juicy Kobe beef, and then the chef piles on prosciutto, brie and lobster. Even the balsamic vinegar used for this burger is special, as it is 100-year aged.
  5. Glamburger. London is not exactly known for its cuisine, but it’s notorious for the high cost of living. These two traits are exemplified by the Glamburger offered by the London restaurant Honky Tonk. You can get it for just £1,100 and at current exchange rates that’s $1,624.26 or 407 Big Macs. It’s not just London prices that have driven up the price tag of the Glamburger. Honky Tonk head chef Chris Large used Kobe and Wagyu patty and then added black truffle, venison, caviar, and lobster. There’s even a duck egg there somewhere, and then entire dish is garnished with a gold leaf.
  6. Juicys Foods Burger. This time, it’s all about the size of the burger served at the Juicys Outlaw Grill in Corvallis, Oregon. So far the demand for it is non-existent, since the darn thing is waist high and the size of a dining table. And it also costs $5,000. That’s the price of 1,253 Big Macs—and it does seem like the size of 1,253 Big Macs as well!

So what you need to do is to launch a startup in Silicon Valley, rake in your billions after your IPO, and then start gobbling the burgers on this list. Money may not buy you happiness, but it can certainly make your tummy happy.

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