5 Romantic Restaurants Across the US for Memorable Marriage Proposals

There are three elements for a marriage proposal to work and these are the man, the timing, and the place. Women are easy to please and while they are grateful for a beautiful diamond ring on their left hand, it’s the effort of their special someone that always counts. Getting down on one knee with the people she loves as witnesses may make it easier for her to say yes, but where to execute the proposal can be tricky and may require tedious planning.

Finding the perfect location for the “will you marry me?” moment may seem like looking for a needle in a hay stack, which is why most men are starting to keep it simple by having it done in a restaurant. Celebrating the beginning of a couple’s marriage with great atmosphere, romantic music, and a delicious candle-lit dinner may sound too cliche that is why there are now several restaurants who are willing to spice it up a bit and allow their soon-to-be-wed couples to plan their own thing.

Here is a list of the five best restaurants in the country to set the perfect ambiance for memorable marriage proposals.

5) Momofuku

Founded and owned by Chef David Chang, this group of restaurants that operate in New York, Sydney, Toronto, and recently, in DC. Its most famous and well-flocked restaurant, the Momofuku Ssam Bar, which is located in New York City, has been included in the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” for four consecutive years, barely three years in the industry. Similarly, its younger sibling, Momofuku Ko, has been constantly been getting recognition from award-winning bodies such as Michelin for its two stars and “San Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants” for being top 70.

As these are located in New York, both restaurants have the capability to host private events such as birthday celebrations, rehearsal dinners, and the highly anticipated marriage proposals. Private dining includes multi-course chef’s bene that can be served individually plated of family style. Optional beverage or wine pairings are also featured, best to help take the tension away from the proposer.

4) The Celestial Steakhouse

Don’t be fooled by the word “steakhouse” in the restaurant’s name as this elegant, fine-dining restaurant remains to be the only “four star, four diamond” steakhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. The restaurant also assists anyone in planning their private dining experience, starting with an event coordinator who can assist the groom-to-be in designing a menu, pairing the best wine, and making sure that everything runs smoothly during the big event.

Intimate, simple yet elegant, the four course meal can make the couple enjoy the night further, listening to music from their very own troubadour. Flowers, wine, and a romantic setting can easily make “The One” get swept off her feet.

3) The Wine Cellar

Located in an old schoolhouse, The Wine Cellar Restaurant was initially known for it’s music, wine selection and cheese fondue. It had a major transition in the year 2001 to make way for the upgrade of the Old Town. However, while the paint job and bricks are new, The Wine Cellar maintained its intimate, cozy and elegant ambiance reminiscent of how it used to be 30 years ago.

Voted as one of the most romantic restaurants in Los Gatos, California, The Wine Cellar offers a great view from its award-winning patio. Having the amazing and scenic view of the Santa Cruz Mountains as the backdrop for any marriage proposal can definitely make “The One” say yes even before the complementary champagne arrives.

2) The French Laundry

With the Napa Valley as the location, marriage proposals should come as easily and romantically as the excellent French cuisine this restaurant offers. Owned and ran by world-renowned chef and book author, Thomas Keller, The French Laundry often graces the “50 World’s Best Restaurants” list and has even received a two-star Michelin rating. With exquisite interiors and amazing nine-course menu, any girl will not think twice of saying to a “will you marry me?” question.

Besides the multiple awards and the delicious food, the restaurant also offers private dining and events perfect for anniversary dinners, family gatherings, and the highly anticipated marriage proposals. There is a special private room that can host an intimate candle-lit dinner for two, exhibiting privacy and a spectacular view of the gardens.

1) Daniel

Maybe it’s the French cuisine or simply, the elegant styling of the restaurant but when it comes to delivering the perfect marriage proposal, Daniel Boulud holds the top spot, bar none. The soft lighting, the fine dining, and the marvelous way the staff handles such events are so commendable, it’s not a surprise why men who are in love and believed that they have found their true love, choose this place as the witness of their once in a lifetime vulnerability.

Located in trendy New York City and the flagship restaurant of award-winning Chef Daniel Boulud, it continues to reign supreme among prestigious dining destinations for private events. Whether it’s a three-course or six-course meal, the staff and team at Daniel professionally handle the planning, wine pairing, and delightedly help in whatever way they can to make the engagement memorable and perfect.

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