5 Pizza Buffets to Try in Texas

Pizza lovers will definitely be pleased to know that there are a wide range of pizza buffet selections in Texas. The great thing about all of these pizza buffets is the fact that they serve all kinds of pizzas ranging from different types of crusts, flavors, sizes and even ingredients.

If you’re in Texas for the weekend and wish to try out the best pizza buffet while you are here, here are the top five selections you might want to check out.

1 CiCi’s Pizza

At first glance, guests might think that pizza buffet places are all just the same – they serve nothing else but pizza. Although this may hold true, each restaurant that offers pizza buffet have their signature dishes that draws their loyal guests to visit them again and again.

Take CiCi’s Pizza for example. This restaurant is best known for their Italian specialty pizzas you probably would not find anywhere else. Other than this, CiCi’s Pizza is also known for offering impressive promos that can give guests reasonable discounts.

2 Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn is another great choice for pizza lovers. This buffet place also serves specialty pizza selections that easily appeal to everyone’s discriminating taste.

Some of their bestsellers include the Bacon Cheddar Ham, which is a type of pizza that is created from scratch. This means, if you order this particular type of pizza, as well as their other variants, you are guaranteed to receive it new and fresh.

Additionally, Pizza Inn is famous for their Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, their Taco Pizza and their famous Everything Monster Pizza that is filled with beef toppings, smoked ham, pepperoni, pork and several other choice ingredients.

3 Conans Pizza North

Conans Pizza North serves savory pizza selections you will easily fall in love with. At truly affordable prices, guests can already enjoy unlimited servings of deep dish pizzas, meaters pizza and more.

Another good thing about Conans Pizza North is their ambiance. Thousands of guests who have visited this place all agree that the restaurants interior is truly impressive.

4 Salvation Pizza

Salvation Pizza in Austin, Texas also serves a wide range of exclusive pizza flavors. Guests love their famous White Pie Pizza, which is a combination of fresh basil, fresh garlic, fresh tomatoes and several other ingredients.

Other than their pizzas, the restaurant is also famous for serving appetizers like their garlic bread, cheese rolls and a whole lot more.

5 Double Dave’s Pizza Works

If you do not necessarily want to order pizzas straight out of the menu, head to Double Dave’s Pizza Works and customize your own pizza plates. Guests at this restaurant can choose to combine two different pizza flavors in one pan, giving them more reasons to enjoy their stay at the restaurant.

Double Dave’s Pizza Works is also home to the tastiest and freshest salads, pepperoni rolls and other types of foods that you can eat in case you get stuffed with too many slices of pizza.

There are so many different pizza flavors to choose from and so many pizza buffet stops to try. All you have to do is prepare your stomach for an entire day’s worth of food when heading to these places.

If you want to be able to consume unlimited slices of pizzas at an affordable price, remember to pace yourself while eating at a buffet restaurant. Set aside the drinks in the meantime so you can really try and taste the unique flavors that each of these pizza places promises to offer you with.

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