5 Foolproof Ways to Have an Unforgettable First Date

Dating can be really frustrating.  With so many issues hanging in the balance, how do you make sure that the date ends up successfully?  How do you make sure that you will get that first date kiss at the door? Or get to talk about meeting up again?

With all of these questions popping up, how do you make sure that your first date will be as enjoyable as you want it to be?  Well, read on for the answers.  With these easy techniques, your first date will be enjoyable and memorable.

1. Pick the most comfortable restaurant.

The best place for a date is the most comfortable place for you and your date.  Make sure that the place is a good for both of you to talk, and not too crowded.  If the both of you are interested in sports, going to a ball game or a sports bar might be a sound idea but make certain to take in a quiet moment later.

It is also not a good idea if the place won’t let the either of you talk, say a cinema, which defeats the entire purpose of a date.  Since this is only the first meet-up, make sure that the date takes place outside the home.

Places like Maggiano’s Little Italy or Benihana are nice for first dates.  Service is prompt and the ambience is comfortable.  Prices in these places are reasonable too.

First dates should be short, to leave much to anticipate for the second dates.  Also, if the first date doesn’t work out, a short first date is just what you need.

2. Don’t overdo anything.

First dates are exciting!  But if you overdress or make yourself feel unnatural, then your date will get confused.  It is great to look presentable and pleasing to the eye.  But make sure that your date can still recognize you the next day!

To bring your date to really like you, be in your niche.  Don’t show up in clothes that aren’t your style, and most especially, don’t show up if you are dressed up uncomfortably.

Show a little effort by putting on nice perfume or bringing flowers or chocolates.  Your date will feel a more at ease if you did this, and definitely smitten.

3. Kindness will get you through.

As with anything in life, kindness is important.  This is especially important on a date.  Make sure that you render a kind approach to your date.  Be careful with what you say, that might hurt or offend.  Be eager to listen, let your date talk and be mindful with how you state your opinion.

The first date is the time when you want to get to know the other person, so you are sure to be clueless as to what your date has been through.  Be careful not to judge or make rash conclusions.

Most importantly, do not lead your date on if you have no plans of following through.  If it comes to the point when your date asks you about meeting up again, be kind enough to say that your real intentions are.

Being kind to your date also means that you shouldn’t make judgments too quickly.  There are more things that lie in the complicated fabric of one’s personality, that you will not see the person fully at the first meeting.

4. Ditch the stories about the exes.

If the situation doesn’t call for it, avoid dwelling too much on your last breakup.  It might be a conversation that you and your date can have in the future, but going on and on about how you hated your ex is an indication that you are not ready to move on.

Most importantly, making your date see your emotional baggage is not a good thing.  Engaging in a date should be a happy experience,
and not a time to unload all your pent up frustrations with your exes.

5. Don’t rush!

Since the first date is a time for you to know each other, then leave space for the unexplored.  It is nice to keep things mysterious, but of course, not too much.  It would be great if you did end up spending the night together, but make sure that you both understand what your intentions are.

It is also weird to say “I love you” on the first date because you don’t know the other person that well yet.  Best to be careful when measuring your feelings.

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