5 Best Steakhouses in Salt Lake City

Outdoor adventures such as power skiing and mountain biking may be the best tourist activities Salt Lake City, Utah can offer its visitors. The Wasatch Mountains can provide the perfect place for experiencing all of these sports and while it may be helpful in cleansing and refreshing tourists, it can also leave them feeling undeniably hungry and helplessly in need of nourishment. You may opt for something healthy to go with the balancing of calories lost during the sporty activities but if truth be told, what you really need is a chunk of perfectly grilled meat.

This is where steakhouses come in, with their promises of a good time, great meat quality, and excellent choices of wines to fill the grumbling and rumbling tummies of sports enthusiasts. Salt Lake City has a wide collection of different steakhouses, which is often synonymous with the concept “surf and turf”. Thankfully, besides the all-American choices, there are also other new places popping up, like the trendy and unbelievably popular Brazilian steakhouses.

While it can be overwhelming to decide on an empty stomach, here is a list of the top 5 Brazilian steakhouses being offered at the Crossroads of the West.

5) Braza Grill

This Brazilian steakhouse offers a tasty array of meat like black pepper beef, prime rib, regular chicken, and ham with pineapple. They also serve pasta, salad, veggies and fried foods serve all-you-can-eat way and their best sellers range from the pao de queijo or cheese balls to the unique and exotic chicken hearts. Furthermore, their prices are also one of the most competitive in the market as the steakhouse continue to provide good food without letting the customers break their bank accounts.

4) Tucanos Brazilian Grill

With several locations in the country, Tucanos Brazilian Grill is truly one of the best Brazilian steakhouses. Offering a variety of meat entrees together with an unlimited salad festival, an assortment of bread and delicious fried bananas, customers will feel like their money was given the perfect value for the food, costing between $16 to $23. The excellent selection starts off with beef cuts like carne marinada, alcotra com bacon, and picalho; pork cuts such as present and lombo; poultry like peru or turkey wrapped in crunchy, thick bacon and coraco de frango; and other food items like grilled pineapple, grilled veggies, and the inevitable seafood selection.

Furthermore, not only is their dishes superb but also their drinks, which range from guarana or an exotic soft drink from the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro or a concoction made from passion fruit, lemon and lime, and ice cream, to the Brazilian sunrise or a mixture of mango, grenadine, and passion fruit.

3) Tushar Brazilian Express

Not only does this place serve the best variety of meats on skewers but it can also provide the best value for money. For only $10, customers may feast on juicy chicken or a glazed pork together with brown rice, salad, and black beans. The fried bananas are a heaven-sent side dish to the main entrees and if customers still have room for dessert, the passion fruit mousse can a certain sweet ending. This restaurant also offers a kid’s menu for only $3.90, where they can already get a delicious serving of cheese balls, Brazilian cheese bread, and gluten-free options.

2) Rodizio Grill

The Ambassadors of Brazil when it comes to delivering the best and standard Brazilian cooking method and authentic gastronomical experience for diners. While they only offer two menu options such as The Full Rodizio or where customers are able to enjoy a wide array of rotisserie meats, fruits, salad bar, Brazilian side dishes and the unique experience. Diners may also opt to have unlimited salads with side dishes and hot or cold food choices.

Gourmet meat variants range from beef, poultry, pork, lamb, and seafood. Most of these are also offered in gluten-free items to allow diversity in meat eaters in the restaurant. Incredible side dishes like banana fritas and pao de queijo are also available to make every meal exciting and fun.

1) Texas de Brazil

This extremely new carving experience for all people is designed to be consumed in a fine dining style. Being an authentic Brazilian steakhouse with a fusion of American goodness, the restaurant helps combines the delicious food of Brazil and US.

Besides the delicious meat, the salad bar is also fully-equipped to provide a range of about 50 to 60 fresh ingredients that can also be included in the soups and appetizers, not just the salad. They also offer wines and cocktails and it is advisable to try their best seller, Caipirinha, for their promotion of great meat goes together with a pair of exquisite and crisp wine. The cheese bread will also be missed.

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