Month November 2020

How to Make the Perfect Pumpkin Pie

How to Make the Perfect Pumpkin Pie

We all know that pumpkin pie is quite literally the cherry on the top of Thanksgiving dinner! Unfortunately, not everyone finds the process of making a pumpkin pie super easy. Not only is there a learning curve to cooking it just right, but you want to make sure that yours is the best pumpkin pie recipe out there – you don’t want anyone leaving your home saying it was “just okay!”. So how do you master this famous Thanksgiving dessert? We’re going to look at some tips on how to make the perfect pumpkin pie, so you can be certain yours will come out on top this year!

Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving

Here Are 25 Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving 2020, in Case You Don’t Want to Cook

While Thanksgiving is most definitely the best day of the year to break out your stretchiest pants and get prepared for that lovely turkey tryptophan effect to hit you, that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to spend the day cooking for half an hour of eating! This is why turning to a restaurant to cook for you may be the best way to go. Whether you’re looking for dine-in or take-out options, there are plenty of local restaurants that will be open Thanksgiving Day, or are offering Thanksgiving specials leading up to the big day.

Quick and Nourishing Meals to Make on a Sick Day

5 Quick and Nourishing Meals to Make on a Sick Day

Anytime we’re sick, we can pretty much count on two things: our energy being low and our will to cook being pretty much as zero. With the ideal solution being that we have someone there to cook for us when we’re not at our best, that’s unfortunately not always the case. So what do we do? Of course, ordering takeout is an option (take a look at our selection of takeout menus here!) but sometimes we just want a home cooked meal. In that case, we have 5 quick and nourishing meals for you to make on a sick day, so you can get in all the comfort and nutrients that you need while still using up food that’s in your own cupboard.