11 Sushi Restaurants Worth Traveling Around the Country to Try

Tired of the standard sushi restaurant fare?  You don’t have to travel halfway around the world just to fulfill your craving of authentic Japanese sushi. It’s right here in our very own backyard, and the options abound.  You’ll have to do SOME traveling though, because this list will show you the best sushi restaurants scattered all over America: each one worth visiting, each one worth your time.

If you want to go to sushi heaven, you can do so eleven times over:

11. Morimoto (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

With dreamy interiors, booths that change color, and a world-known Japanese chef to serve you authentic sushi goodness, Philadelphia’s Morimoto is a must-try. Chef Morimoto’s talent is unsurpassed, so if you want a taste of it, head to Pennsylvania and do so.

10.  Kyōten (Austin, Texas)

You won’t find the best sushi in Texas in some indoor restaurant. You’ll find it in an outdoor lot that has been artfully converted to a dining space, and your sushi will be made in a food truck that has been permanently placed there. With picnic benches, a fireplace, tree stumps, and string lights, this outdoor dining experience is as unique as the sushi you’ll get to enjoy.

9. One Two Three Sushi (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Set up like a Chipotle restaurant, the novelty of One Two Three Sushi is that you get to experiment with what you eat, depending on what suits your fancy. Basically, customers line up to choose their own ingredients and see the sushi rolls created before their very eyes. So you really get control over what you eat.

8. The Cultured Pearl (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware)

Sometimes it’s not just about the sushi, it’s also about where you eat it. The Cultured Pearl in Delaware is located on a rooftop deck, with paper lanterns, string lights, and wooden pagodas to complete your unique dining experience. To get to the dining area you’ll pass through a boardwalk walkway, with a koi pond to welcome you home.

7. Go Fish (Denver, Colorado)

At Go Fish Japanese Restaurant & Sushi, customers are given “sushi with an attitude.” It’s all about presentation, so when you order sushi you don’t just get the typical sushi you’d expect from anywhere. Expect sushi sculpted into a masterpiece together with fruit, fresh flowers, and other ingredients your eyes can hardly believe.

6. Superb Sushi Downtown (Boise, Idaho)

The best sushi in Idaho gives you all-you-can-eat sushi every Monday and Tuesday night. And if you’re up for a challenge, there are 3 timed sushi-eating challenges (Demon’s Delight Challenge, Death Roll Challenge, La Bomba Roll Challenge) that can test how much your really love sushi. Winners get bragging rights, their photo on the wall of fame, a T-shirt, and their meal for free.

5. NOBU Caesars Palace (Las Vegas, Nevada)

At NOBU, eating sushi becomes a luxurious dining experience. The interiors of the restaurant are as sophisticated as can be, so you’ll feel like a grown up eating a culinary masterpiece created just for you, and it just happens to be sushi.

4. Bamboo Sushi (Portland, Oregon)

You can eat guilt-free in Bamboo Sushi, the first certified sustainable sushi restaurant in the world. Sustainable sourcing is at the very top of their priority list, so you can be sure that everything you eat here is of the highest quality.

3. Hoku’s (Honolulu, Hawaii)

How would you like to have your sushi while also taking in breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as Diamondhead and Razors surf beach? You heard that right. You can feast on exotic dishes from multiple levels because every part of the restaurant has a good view. While enjoying your sushi, you can also chat with the surfers, enjoy the local vibe, and feel the breeze from the ocean.

2. Sushi Ran (Sausalito, California)

A favorite among Bay Area locals and tourists alike, this sushi restaurant takes pride in the fact that the fish they use is imported from Japan on a daily basis, so it’s as fresh as fresh can be. Their kitchen is also a laboratory for innovation, so you get just the right blend of Japanese and Pacific cuisine to tickle your taste buds. You also get to choose from 30 types of sake to complete your experience. Be sure to reserve a table if you don’t want to be disappointed!

 1. Yamakese (Los Angeles, California)

The only way you can step foot inside let alone eat in this exclusive sushi restaurant is if you get an invitation from the owner himself. It can only seat 10 people, so for four hours you really get an exclusive dining experience prepared for you especially by Chef Yama San. To get a reservation, you need to call months in advance. So plan ahead and book a seat. That is, if you can.

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