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10 Ways to Pamper your Customers

People can always just eat at home. They’ll save money by just buying the raw ingredients in the grocery and just follow recipes after recipes for home dining. But, there are occasions when you don’t want to cook. You don’t want to wash dishes. And, you want to impress someone.

In cases like these, you’d want to dine in restaurants that will treat you well.

If you are a restaurant owner then, you want to make sure that your place will be on top of everyone’s list. And the only way to make sure of that is by pampering your customers.

Here are some tips on how you can make your customer’s feel so right about dining in your place and coming back for more.

1. Valet Services

One of the pains of going to a restaurant is finding a parking space.

If your restaurant is located downtown with just a few parking slots up front then, it would be best to provide valet services. Give your customers one less thing to worry about. You’ll be surprised that most of your customers will consider your valet services as the key deciding factor in choosing your restaurant

2. Offer the Best Table

Always offer the best table and say it as it is “The Best Table”. Now, the trick is that every table could be the best table. When Michael Jackson said that he was the King of Pop, no one contradicted him. In the same case, no one will question the fact that what you offered is really the best table.

3. Complimentary Wine

The first glass of wine may be incorporated in the prices of all the entrées but, always say that it’s complimentary. Freebies make people feel special and people would like to go to places where they are special.

Just don’t go overboard and say that he’s seating on a complimentary chair.

4. Pleasantries with the Chef

“Do you usually pray before eating? Yes, especially if I don’t trust the Chef.”

The main different of a Chief and a Cook is that the Chef studied and graduated from a culinary university while a cook just couldn’t find a better job.

If you decided to call your cook a chef then, might as well use his persona in winning the customers’ heart. Make him come out of his kitchen and mingle with the customers, have a few Selfies and tell him to speak a few French words.

5. Special Discount

Discounts are for everybody but make it special by saying that it is a “Special Discount”.

It may just be a few dollars savings but people love dinning in places where they think they can get the same things for less than the guys on the other table. This is what being special means.

6. Special Set-Ups for Proposals

Love makes people crazy that they can come up with the strangest wedding proposals. In case someone wants to set up a special proposal, be sensitive to every detail and just go along with it.

If it works out, you’ll get a definite yearly dinner reservation from that couple from the time they get married up to the time they get divorced.

7. Fake an Accent

People like authenticity. If your Italian restaurant is not as authentic as East Side Mario’s or Buca Di Beppo then, just find someone who can sound Italian.

If you can’t find a French host the, look for someone who can sound French.

A French host will mix up the letters of your last name where Mr. Parker will sound like Master Pecker while an Italian host will try to sing your last name to you. If the accent and intonation is an obvious fake, the effort will still be appreciated.

8. Special Serenade

Be aware of special occasions. If you are running a rather expensive restaurant, you can bet that those who go there are celebrating special occasions like wedding anniversaries and the likes.

Be an expert in detecting signals and direct your Spanish Trio to bring color to the night’s special affair. If your restaurant is really that expensive then it could only be an anniversary or a real affair.

9. Flower for the Lady

If you give a flower to the a lady customer then, it is as if her companion was aware of the special rose treatment and you would have done him so much favor especially if the “suddenly” romantic evening turns out into something intimate.

10. House Coffee or Tea

What are unlimited cups of coffee and tea but just a lot of water. Table napkins and all condiments will cost more than brewed coffee and tea. Be generous with this very cheap commodity but place it in a classy cup to make it appear as if you have provided them with something or real value.

Taking the extra step in making your customers feel like kings and queens for the night will work well for your bank account. Making them the kings and queens of the palace will turn you into the wealthiest man in the village.

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