10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Out with Your Family

Eating out is always a delight for all families. You may be spending a little more when food is prepared and served to you, but the rewards in terms of satisfaction and fun filled family-time memories are well worth it.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Bonding

Most modern families no longer eat together. Dad has some extra work to do in the office and will be home late. The daughter is still on the phone chatting with a friend about the latest school gossip. Mom is still at some friend’s house for a homeowners wives’ meeting. And, junior is still at
basketball practice.

The only time everyone can be at one table eating together is when you’re eating out.

2. No Dishes to Wash

When your family’s after-dinner conversation is always turning into a debate on whose turn it is to wash dishes then, it’s time to break the routine and eat out.

If getting everyone to sit down together for dinner is hard, getting someone to wash the dishes is even harder. Everyone has to rush into something else after dinner and nobody wants to be left behind to clean up.

When you’ve lost track on whose turn it is to do the dishes, the best option is to eat out because one of the perks of dining out is that you don’t want to wash dishes afterwards.

3. You Can Criticize the Cooking

You have the option of not finishing what’s on your plate if the taste and quality is not to your liking. It’s not mom’s cooking and you can say exactly how the food was without fear of hurting anyone’s feelings.

4. Running Out Ideas to Cook

Thinking of what to prepare and serve for dinner is one of the hardest tasks in the household. A mom for fifteen years would have already prepared 5,475 dinners. What can mom possibly serve new after that?

When you want to do something really special for mom today, ask dad if it’s possible for the entire family to eat at Big Boy tonight.

5. Change of Atmosphere

Dad is so much like a dad and mom is typical mom at the family dining table.

Dad sits at the head of the table in the best position to control the conversation. He is in the right spot to ask on how’s everything in school; about grades, boyfriends and other sensitive stuff, searching for a topic where he can start preaching.

Mom is sitting right beside dad, ready to back him up whenever one of the kids decides to reason out and debate over personal issues.

A restaurant is some kind of a neutral ground where everyone is just a customer. If the table happens to be round then everyone is of equal footing. Dad won’t dare raising his voice in public so he won’t start on something that will lead to a stressful debate. Everyone can just enjoy the food and each other’s company.

6. Reason to Dress Up

Everyone wants to dress up for something. When each member of the family is running a little low on social functions, it’s time to create your own by scheduling an evening of fine dining for the entire family.

Mom can check if her old formals still fit. The young teenage daughter might ask for some extra cash to do some shopping but that’s OK. Junior will have another chance to wear his JS prom’s coat and tie before he becomes too big for it. And, daddy will just have to put a coat on over his regular office attire.

7. Something to Post on Social Network Sites

“Selfies” of you, on your bed, doing your homework is already boring because that’ the same scene you post in your social network. Surprise everyone by posting something different.

Exclude your dad, mom and brother in the photo so you can get everyone guessing on who’s the mystery date. Or, if you are not one who is lacking in social attention, posting exactly what it is, a wholesome family dinner, is enough to break your cyber account’s monotony.

8. To be Served and Pampered

It’s time to be a king, queen, prince and princess for one night.

Fine dining starts off with valet parking. Dad looks so much like George Clooney when he hands over the keys to the parking attendant.

When the restaurant manager has finally led you to your table, he pulls back the chair for every female member of the family. Then, everything is like the palace’s ball in an old fairy tale. Everyone needs to feel like a star once in a while.

9. More Food Choices

There is always something more to choose from in restaurants. Everyone can order what they like as all diet programs are temporarily suspended.

Dad can have his steak and mom can have her ice cream dessert with layers of cream. The kids can have their favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner treat, hamburger and fries. No one will be lecturing on healthy eating tonight.

10. Running Out of Time

All parents should cherish every moment with their kids while they are young. There will come a time when the best restaurants like Black Angus can no longer make them revise their schedules for you.

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