10 of the Best Restaurants in the US

Food is probably everybody’s weakness. No matter how much dedicated you are to your diet, you sometimes cannot help but have a cheat day or cheat meal because indulging in good food makes everything feel better. Having to eat a scrumptious meal from one of the best restaurants is something nobody can ever say no to. From the east coast to the west, we have listed ten of the best restaurants in the US in no particular order.

Top 10 of US Best Restaurants

1. Barley Swine

Bryce Gilmore, owner of Barley Swine, has taken advantage of a proper kitchen and took his extremely popular pork belly sliders. The restaurant’s menu written all over the chalkboard offers more than just a normal dining experience. With a mid-1990s plating style and advanced techniques, it really does not disappoint. A dish you should definitely try would be a slice of pork belly that is topped with foam that is chile-citrus in taste and served with delicious spiced popcorn on the side. Indeed, Chef Gilmore’s talented and smart cooking has captured hearts (and tummies) of a lot of people.

2. Agricola

You will be amazed how much influence farmers made in Agricola’s rustic American menu. Chef Josh Thomsen incorporated creative, fresh, and modern ways to make everything about the restaurant amazing. You may pick from the long list of their scrumptious dishes which include Creekstone Farms braised beef short ribs with glazed kohlrabi,celery root puree and horse radish-red wine sauce, black garlic coriander vinaigrette, freekeh, or yellow fin tuna with leeks. Listing those already makes my mouth water!

3. Aska

The cooking techniques and dishes whipped out in this not so ordinary restaurdant. Fredrik Beselius, the Swedish-born chef behind Aska’s rustic techniques and earthy flavors, makes sure that you get to try something out of the usual in this 24-seat restaurant. An ingredient he loves to use is pig’s blood and more often than not, you might be able to try a dish made of it (or at least get a dish that has it as one of the ingredients). The mixture of texture and flavour will definitely make you come back for more!

4. Ruxbin

Somewhere in Chicago’s Ukranian Village, you will find an amazing restaurant that was built by siblings who have a huge passion for cooking and good food. They started out without having any funds to design the place but now, it seems like it has been assembled and designed over a lifetime. The warmth of the staff and owners are as equally welcoming as their menu. You will surely feel that what you are eating is something made with a labor of love.

5. Bar Sajor

Pronounced as “Sigh-or”, Bar Sajor is a restaurant you might want to visit if you wish to experience a retro-chic with a touch of European accent kind of vibe. With a menu that is seasonally driven, you may dine both in the evening and at lunch with a different set of menus each. Aside from all of the amazing meals that they offer, something you should definitely try is their house bread which is known to be among the best ones in the city.

6. Picca

Picca’s arrival in Los Angeles has made a lot of American foodies happy. Offering Ceviche and a whole lot of other items on their menu, this restaurant will not disappoint any person who has been waiting for the arrival of Peruvian cuisine. One of the dishes that you need to try if ever you find yourself in this small but amazing restaurant is their tuna tartare with avocado and lemon-soy dressing. The freshness this dish offers will make your heart and tummy happy!

7. Gunshow

If you wish to experience a dining experience that is more than just the traditional one, then you should definitely give Gunshow a try. With a restaurant design that allows customers to see and experience the preparation process and a menu that is format-free and varies weekly, it is an experience that will keep you coming back for more. Dishes are also presented by the staff in a dim sum style where diners can pick which ones they wish to try.

8. Mica

A restaurant that is all about good cooking and tough love, Mica is a place you should visit if you want to spoil your taste buds. Outside, the restaurant looks like a place that you will find in one of your childhood fairy tale books, but once you come in, prepare to get shattered. Since Mica is there only to fulfil the wishes of your tastebuds, do not expect a fairy tale-esque interior. The food really makes up for everything else. It is that good.

9. The Elm

New York is a home to a lot of outstanding restaurants and one of this is the Elm. With a main sitting area that is adorned with modern lighting and a vine installation, the design of the place is as good as the food they serve. Raw, sea, land, and share are four of the categories that their dishes are classified into. Dining at The Elm should be a part of your itinerary should you visit the Big Apple.

10. Rolf & Daughters

cfvgbNashville surely is booming when it comes to having a lot of promising new restaurants. If you are someone who loves pasta, Rolf & Daughters should be included in your must-try restaurants.

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