10 Most Popular International Dishes in America

America is the land of the free and the home for some of the best food recipes each country of the world has to offer. That is why if you are a recent migrant, you will never run out of things to do for a living. Just open up a restaurant and serve your local recipe. Whatever it is, Americans will find something to love about it.

Here are some of the most popular international dishes in America.

1. Indian Curry

It is not just about the spice. There is something really very exotic about curries. Be it chicken, pork or beef, the curry taste has something about it that takes you to New Delhi.

The odor is not that pleasing but, it’s interesting. We are familiar with food that can be described as sweet, sour, spicy and salty. The Indian curry does not fall into any of these categories. Maybe we can describe it as “curry-ness”.

2. Italian Pizza

Everybody loves pizzas. Some like their crust thick while other like their crust thin. You can never go overboard with cheese and more cheese. The stickier it is; the better. The greasier it is; the juicier.

Pizza is always a family favorite because the manner of sharing it is symbolic of what a family does. It’s one of the best reasons for a huddle.

People always look forward to sharing a pizza at John’s Incredible Pizza.

3. Chinese Noodles

When a group of people decides to order Chinese, be it a family, a group of friends or co-workers, the majority will always go for noodles. No matter how much bad publicity MSG is getting, it won’t stop anyone from enjoying its rich taste on Chinese noodles.

4. Japanese Sushi

How can something that’s raw take so much time to prepare? The Japanese sushi will always have that special place in our hearts. It could be the unique taste of wasabi that green stuff that most first timers underestimate for one classic water-searching funny moment or, it could be the way you get your fingers twisted in managing the chopsticks.

5. Philippine Tilapia

This guilt-free East Asian fish is slowly finding its way in steakhouses everywhere. It’s fresh. It’s juicy and it is the best tasting fish on the griller.

Keeping the fish’s local name versus creating a new one for it is simply genius. The word “tilapia” gets mentioned several times in a conversation for the purpose of trying to get the pronunciation right. The exotic name is gaining much curiosity and the exotic taste is gaining a lot of popularity.

6. Mexican Taco

There is something about the taco that makes everything so festive. It’s fun to eat even when you are alone in your room. It’s one of those kinds of foods that you cannot eat in silence. It is sort of like the cheeseburger that’s crunchy.

It always crumbles and there’s the possible that people are getting hooked on the challenge of eating tacos perfectly without crumbling the shell. Well, good luck!

7. German Franks

There’s the American hotdog and there’s the German frankfurter. The American hotdog is definitely juicier but, the German franks are beefier and more filling. It has a bit of spice and it offers a unique experience; eating a hotdog variant with a fork and knife.

8. French Wine

Why do French wines taste so good?

There is something about the challenge of trying to pronounce French words that is entertaining. It could be used to impress a date or, it can serve as a conversation piece before popping the bottle.

The French words in the wine’s title make it sound so expensive. It may be more expensive than other wine choices but French wines will definitely bring more class and posh to any affair.

9. Russian Vodka

What can be tougher than what they drink in Siberia? Russian Vodka could be just like your ordinary Vodka but, it definitely has more kick. It is one of the best liquor that can keep you warm during the winter months and it is certainly a good alcohol base for your favorite mixers.

10. American Cheeseburger

The hamburger may have been discovered somewhere else but ever since we placed the cheese on it, we have owned it.

Of all the different kinds of food that’s prepared and served all across America, the cheeseburger is the all-time favorite. If ever you are in a restaurant for the first time and the description of the entrees are too strange and doubtful, you can play it safe with the cheeseburger because it is simply awesome wherever and whoever serves it.

While the food industry is such a competitive world, no particular cuisine can survive alone. People will have their favorites but everyone will be jumping form one cuisine to another because that is the only way we will enjoy eating for the rest of our lives. So, for all those who have something new to offer, come over to America and we’ll turn it into something like our own.

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