10 Irritating Things That Can Happen in a Restaurant

Although everyone is expecting to have a good time eating in a new place, there are several irritants that can happen. That is the danger of trying something new. In case you have scheduled an adventure, keep these things in mind so that you will not be shocked and irritated; just surprised and disappointed.

1. No Parking

The first thing that can ruin dinner is when you discover that there is no parking and no valet services.

If the sitting capacity of a restaurant is for one hundred dinner guests then, it is a bit irritating when the restaurant can only provide parking slots for three cars. There should at least be valet services.

2. Missed Reservations

It is frustrating when you get all dressed up and ready to impress your date with seats in the finest dining place in town only to find out that they missed your reservation.

If it happens to be Friday night when every other decent place is booked, you’ll have to settle with whatever is available.

3. Worst Table Assignment

It is insulting to be lead to the worst table in the restaurant when all other tables are vacant. You must have projected a very low image that the manager thought it best to place you to the table nearest the comfort room and reserve all other tables for potential dinner guests that may arrive.

4. Impatient Waiter

Some waiters hand you the menu and ask to be excused. He comes back and asks if you are ready to order. At the first sign that you are still undecided, the waiter shrugs his shoulders and leaves again and attends to other customers.

A waiter who can’t wait for the customer to make an order is useless. What if the customer wants to hear some suggestions? What if the customer wants to know something more about an entrée?

5. Delayed Service

Waiting a long time for your order is acceptable. What is not acceptable is when the other table got their orders first when it was very clear that you arrived earlier than they did and you finished making your order first. What makes it worse is if you ordered the same food and they got their order first.

6. Being Ignored

It is irritating to call a waiter and nobody seems to be available. When you finally got the attention of a waiter who was passing by he simply says “Just a minute.” Now, when you say “Just a minute’ it means that he’ll be back. But, he has no intention of getting back to you as he is already attending to someone else.

7. Misrepresentation

It’s disappointing to get something that is totally different from how it is presented in the menu.

Images of the entrees can tell you how big the portions are based on how it fills the plate. If a steak nearly fills up the dinner plate based on its picture in the menu then, the actual steak should fill the plate by that much.

How will you feel if the actual steak is even less than half of the plate?

8. Unavailable Entrees

It’s not easy to decide on an order especially when you don’t like any of the entrees that much and you are just trying to choose the most bearable.

It is frustrating to be notified that your choice is unavailable. It is even more frustrating if you find out that more than half of the menu is unavailable.

Your only choice is to leave and look for another restaurant.

9. Hidden Charges

When a food item says $5.99 then it should be $5.99 when you bill out. Even if you were satisfied with what you ate, you have to be billed according to what appeared in the menu. Even though state sales taxes are standards, they should never be presumed. It should be disclosed in the menu together with whatever charges the restaurant wants to incorporate into the total bill, including services charge.

10. Presumed Bill Outs

The restaurant manager should always wait for the bill to be requested. Assuming bill outs by handing over the billing without being requested is a way of telling the customer to get out because the place is about to close.

In case it really is closing time, there is a polite way of suggesting for a bill out.

Trying a new place out can be exciting and part of this excitement is the possibility of being disgusted and irritated about what you will discover. So, schedule your explorations during those times when you can afford much patience.

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